Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Math. Hannes Fugmann

Head of Team Vapor Compression Technology, Division Energy Technologies and Systems

Research focus

  • Compact heat exchanger development
  • Experimental characterization of thermodynamic and hydraulic performance of single and multi-phase heat exchangers
  • CFD-simulation with COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Vapor compression technology for heating and cooling applications in buildings, transport, refrigeration and thermal energy storages
  • Heat Pumps with low-GWP refrigerants

Curriculum vitae

2020 Head of Team "Vapor Compression Technology" at Fraunhofer ISE
2019 Dissertation at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Investigation of Wire Structures for Heat Transfer Enhancement in Compact Heat
2012 – 2020 Research associate at Fraunhofer ISE
2012 Diploma of Mathematics with focus on Functional Analysis at Albert-Ludwig-University, Freiburg
2008 – 2012 Scientific assistant at Albert-Ludwig-University, Institute of Meteorology, Freiburg
2006 – 2012 Studies in Mathematics and Meteorology at Albert-Ludwig-University, Freiburg and at University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Major projects

  • WAMS, Acoustics in heat pumps, research assistant
  • HEAVEN, Modulating brine heat pump with multi-source system and decentralized ventilation units, research assistant
  • Optimat, Optimization of new materials for adsorption processes, research assistant
  • Thermogewebe, Design and thermodynamic characterization of woven wire fabric heat exchangers, project manager
  • MinWaterCSP, Minimized water consumption in CSP plants, research assistant, www.minwatercsp.com


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020Investigation of Wire Structures for Heat Transfer Enhancement in Compact Heat Exchangers
Fugmann, Hannes; Frohnapfel, Bettina (Referent); Schnabel, Lena (Betreuer)
2020Performance Evaluation of Wire Cloth Micro Heat Exchangers
Fugmann, H.; Martens, S.; Balzer, R.; Brenner, M.; Schnabel, L.; Mehring, C.
Journal Article
2020Simulation and Measurement of Energetic Performance in Decentralized Regenerative Ventilation Systems
Carbonare, N.; Fugmann, H.; Asadov, N.; Pflug, T.; Schnabel, L.; Bongs, C.
Journal Article
2019 Wärmeübertrager und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung
Fugmann, Hannes; Lauro, Paolo Di; Schnabel, Lena; Seifarth, Hannes
2019Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Correlations for Laminar Flow in an In-line and Staggered Array of Circular Cylinders
Fugmann, H.; Schnabel, L.; Frohnapfel, B.
Journal Article
2019Multi-dimensional performance evaluation of heat exchanger surface enhancements
Fugmann, H.; Laurenz, E.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2018Compact Heat Exchanger Designs in Air-Cooled Condensers: Advantages and Drawbacks: Presentation held at Reduction of Water Consumption in CSP Plants - 2nd International Conference hosted by the Horizon 2020 project MinWaterCSP, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7-8 November 2018
Fugmann, H.
2018Development of Heat Transfer Surface Area Enhancements: A Test Facility for New Heat Exchanger Designs
Fugmann, H.; Lauro, P. di; Sawant, A.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2018Performance evaluation of a desiccant coated heat exchanger with two different desiccant materials
Erkek, T.U.; Gungor, A.; Fugmann, H.; Morgenstern, A.; Bongs, C.
Journal Article
2018Wärmetauscherstruktur und Verfahren zu deren Herstellung und Verwendung
Fugmann, Hannes; Füldner, Gerrit; Lauro, P. di; Munz, Gunther; Schnabel, Lena
2018Wire Structure Heat Exchangers: Compact Designs for Efficient Heat Transport: Presentation held at Reduced Water Consumption in CSP Plants - International Conference by MinWaterCSP, Marrakech, Morocco, 24-25 April 2018
Fugmann, H.; Zapke, A.
2017Heat transfer surface area enlargement by usage of metal textile structures - development, potential and evaluation
Fugmann, H.; Schnabel, L.; Lauro, P. di
Conference Paper
2017Mikrostrukturierte Wärmeübertrager mit hoher Druckstabilität
Balzer, R.; Fugmann, H.
Book Article
2017Wire Cloth Micro Heat Exchanger with High Pressure Stability
Balzer, R.; Fugmann, H.; Schnabel, L.
Book Article
2017Wire Structure Heat Exchangers. New Designs for Efficient Heat Transfer
Fugmann, H.; Laurenz, E.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2016Drahtgewebebasierte Wärmeübertrager: Entwicklung und Bewertung
Fugmann, H.; Tahir, A.; Nienborg, B.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2015Gas-Flüssig-Wärmeübertrager aus fluidführenden Gewebematten
Fugmann, H.; Junaid Tahir, A.; Nienborg, B.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
2015Performance evaluation of air-based heat rejection systems
Fugmann, H.; Nienborg, B.; Trommler, G.; Dalibard, A.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2015Wärmeübertragungsvorrichtung und deren Verwendung
Schnabel, Lena; Laurenz, Eric; Studnitzky, Thomas; Fugmann, Hannes; Kaina, Steffen
2015Woven wire gas-to-liquid heat exchanger
Fugmann, H.; Tahir, A.J.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
2014Calculation of solar gains for solar heating and cooling using the bin-method
Schicktanz, M.D.; Döll, J.; Fugmann, H.
Conference Paper
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