Photovoltaics at multiterawatt scale: Waiting is not an option

25% annual PV growth is possible over the next decade

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SCIENCE | 6 Apr 2023 | Vol 380, Issue 6640 | pp. 39-42 


Global experts on solar power strongly urge a commitment to the continued growth of photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing and deployment to power the planet, arguing that lowballing projections for PV growth while waiting for a consensus on other energy pathways or the emergence of technological last-minute miracles “is no longer an option.” In a joint paper published on April 7th in the latest issue of Science, the PV researchers determined that a sustained global growth in photovoltaics of 25 percent per year over the next decade is prerequisite for achieving a climate-neutral global energy system by 2050. 


By Nancy M. Haegel, Pierre Verlinden, Marta Victoria, Pietro Altermatt, Harry Atwater, Teresa Barnes, Christian Breyer, Chris Case, Stefaan De Wolf, Chris Deline, Marwan Dharmrin, Bernhard Dimmler, Markus Gloeckler, Jan Christoph Goldschmidt, Brett Hallam, Sophia Haussener, Burkhard Holder, Ulrich Jaeger, Arnulf Jaeger-Waldau, Izumi Kaizuka, Hiroshi Kikusato, Benjamin Kroposki, Sarah Kurtz, Koji Matsubara, Stefan Nowak, Kazuhiko Ogimoto, Christian Peter, Ian Marius Peters, Simon Philipps, Michael Powalla, Uwe Rau, Thomas Reindl, Maria, Roumpani, Keiichiro Sakurai, Christian Schorn, Peter Schossig, Rutger Schlatmann, Ron Sinton, Abdelilah Slaoui, Brittany L. Smith, Peter Schneidewind, BJ Stanbery, Marko Topic, William Tumas, Juzer Vasi, Matthias Vetter, Eicke Weber, A. W. Weeber, Anke Weidlich, Dirk Weiss, Andreas W. Bett

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