Dr. Jessica Thomsen

Energy Systems and Markets, Department Intersectoral Energy Systems and Grid Integration

Research focus

  • Grid operation as a new market role
  • Design and evaluation of a new market role on distribution grid level
  • Model development for operation and extension of energy systems on dristribution grid level
  • Analyses of optimal operation and extension of distribution grids
  • Evaluation of flexibility potentials in the distribution grid
  • Business models for electric storages

Curriculum vitae

since 12/2012
Researcher at Fraunhofer ISE, group Energy System Analysis
5/2011 - 11/2011
Diploma thesis at Fraunhofer ISE
10/2006 - 11/2011
Studies: Mechanical Engineering with a focus on international project management at the University of Siegen

Major projects

Grid operation as a new market role
Business models for electric storages
Contribution to the Moroccan Solar Plan
Study on Potential of Local Manufacturing of Solar Technologies in Morocco – Industry and Value Chain Assessment
Strategic Study 2013/13 An Appraisal and Evaluation of Energy Utilization and Efficiency in Saudi Arabia
Egypt Master Plan Combined Renewable Energy Master Plan for Egypt


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Effect of the Foresight Horizon on Computation Time and Results using a Regional Energy Systems Optimization Model
Thomsen, J.; Saad Hussein, N.; Dolderer, A.; Kost, C.
Journal Article
2021Food industry case study on the influence of CO2 pricing on the decarbonization and investment strategies into energy supply technologies
Fuchs, N.; Thomsen, J.
Conference Paper
2021Getting Prices for Prosumers Right? Incentivizing Investment and Operation of Small-scale PV-Battery Storage Systems Through Prices, Charges and Levies
Thomsen, J.; Weber, C.
Journal Article
2021Impact of Internal Carbon Prices on the Energy System of an Organisation's Facilities in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom Compared to Potential External Carbon Prices
Gorbach, O.G.; Saad Hussein, N.; Thomsen, J.
Journal Article
2021An MILP Model for Evaluating the Optimal Operation and Flexibility Potential of End-Users
Wanapinit, N.; Thomsen, J.; Kost, C.; Weidlich, A.
Journal Article
2020Exploiting Renewable Energy and Flexibility Potential via Local Cooperation
Wanapinit, N.; Thomsen, J.
Conference Paper
2019Promoting Flexibility from Prosumers through a Novel Generic Charateristics flexibility Model: Paper presented at 11. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung 2019, Vienna, Austria, 13.02.2019-15.02.2019
Wanapinit, N.; Weidlich, A.; Thomsen, J.
2018Enhancing operation of decentralized energy systems by a regional economic optimization Model DISTRICT
Thomsen, J.
Journal Article
2018Modeling and evaluation of regional electricity systems with high shares of renewable energy and flexibility technologies
Thomsen, Jessica; Weber, Christoph (Referent); Gönsch, Jochen (Referent)
2018Using demand side management and CHP in renewable dominated decentral energy systems: A case study
Hartmann, N.; Thomsen, J.; Wanapinit, N.
Journal Article
2017Ausbauoptimierung dezentraler Energiesysteme zur Untersuchung von Flexibilitätspotenzialen beim Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien
Thomsen, J.; Wanapinit, N.
Conference Paper
2017Betreibermodelle für Stromspeicher - Ökonomisch-ökologische Analyse und Vergleich von Speichern in autonomen, dezentralen Netzen und für regionale und überregionale Versorgungsaufgaben
Jülch, V.; Thomsen, J.; Hartmann, N.; Junne, T.; Unterreiner, L.; Arnold, M.; Reith, S.; Eltrop, L.; Wassermann, S.; Niederberger, M.
2017An optimized energy system planning and operation on distribution grid level - The Decentralized Market Agent as a novel approach
Thomsen, J.; Saad Hussein, N.; Senkpiel, C.; Hartmann, N.; Schlegl, T.
Journal Article
2016Vermarktung von Flexibilitäten im Verteilnetz - Analyse der Akteure und Rollen für zukünftige Geschäftsmodelle im Verteilnetz
Thomsen, J.; Schulz, A.; Hartmann, N.
Conference Paper
2015Darstellung des Konzeptes - DMA Decentralised Market Agent - zur Bewältigung zukünftiger Herausforderungen in Verteilnetzen
Thomsen, J.; Hartmann, N.; Klumpp, F.; Erge, T.; Falkenthal, M.; Kopp, O.; Leymann, F.; Stando, S.; Turek, N.; Schlenzig, C.; Schwarz, H.
Conference Paper
2015Decentralised Market Agent - Accessing Central Markets with Demand Side Management Technologies
Thomsen, J.; Roulland, A.; Hartmann, N.; Kellermann, M.; Schlegl, T.
Conference Paper
2015Economic viability of smart grid technologies in households
Thomsen, J.; Roulland, A.; Hartmann, N.
Conference Paper
2015A holistic comparative analysis of different storage systems using levelized cost of storage and life cycle indicators
Jülch, V.; Telsnig, T.; Schulz, M.; Hartmann, N.; Thomsen, J.; Eltrop, L.; Schlegl, T.
Journal Article
2015Levelized Cost of Storage Method Applied to Compressed Air Energy Storage
Jülch, V.; Jürgensen, J.; Hartmann, N.; Thomsen, J.; Schlegl, T.
Conference Paper
2015Towards a cloud-based platform architecture for a decentralized market agent
Kopp, O.; Falkenthal, M.; Hartmann, N.; Leymann, F.; Schwarz, H.; Thomsen, J.
Conference Paper
2014Technology policy for wind and solar energy in Egypt: Combined renewable energy master plan for Egypt, task 3.4. KfW Entwicklungsbank
Boie, Inga; Pudlik, Martin; Ragwitz, Mario; Khalil, Adel; Elsobky, Mohammed; Saad, Noha; Jülch, Verena; Thomsen, Jessica ; Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung -ISI-, Karlsruhe; Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme -ISE-, Freiburg/Brsg.; Lahmeyer International GmbH, Bad Vilbel
2013Levelized cost of electricity - renewable energy technologies: November 2013
Kost, C.; Mayer, J.N.; Thomsen, J.; Hartmann, N.; Senkpiel, C.; Philipps, S.; Nold, S.; Lude, S.; Saad, N.; Schlegl, T.
2013Stromgestehungskosten Erneuerbare Energien: November 2013
Kost, C.; Mayer, J.N.; Thomsen, J.; Hartmann, N.; Senkpiel, C.; Philipps, S.; Nold, S.; Lude, S.; Schlegl, T.
2012Developing Local Value Creation in an Emerging CSP Market: The Case of Morocco
Thomsen, J.; Kost, C.; Saad, N.; Schlegl, T.
Conference Paper
2012Studie Stromgestehungskosten Erneuerbare Energien
Kost, C.; Schlegl, T.; Thomsen, J.; Nold, S.; Mayer, J.
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