online  /  07. September 2020  -  11. September 2020

37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition – EU PVSEC

Dieses Jahr wird die EU PVSEC online abgehalten.


Die EU PVSEC ist die größte internationale Fachkonferenz für Photovoltaik in den Bereichen Forschung, Technologien und Anwendungen und zugleich eine Industrie-Ausstellung, in der Vertreter der PV Industrie spezialisierte Technologien, Innovationen und neue Konzepte des Upstream-PV-Sektors präsentieren. Hier trifft sich die weltweite PV Community, um die neuesten Entwicklungen der Photovoltaikbranche zu diskutieren, sich zu vernetzen und um Geschäftsabschlüsse zu tätigen. Es ist die weltweit anerkannte Science-to-Science und Science-to-Industrie Plattform, die vollständig und ausschließlich auf den globalen PV-Solar-Sektor ausgerichtet ist.

Konferenz-Beiträge (Vorträge) des Fraunhofer ISE:

Monday, September 7

08:30 - 09:50 Scientific Opening / Plenary Session AP.1

AP.1.2 Student Awards Finalist Presentation: "The Race for the Best Silicon Bottom Cell: Efficiency and Cost Evaluation of Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells", Christoph Messmer


3AO.7.2 "Silicon-Based Monolithic Triple-Junction Solar Cells with Conversion Efficiency >34% ", Ralph Müller                                 

2AO.4.3 “Cast-mono silicon wafers for a sustainable PV market growth”, Stephan Riepe                              

2AO.4.1 “The Crystal Growth Explorer: Real-Time Navigable 3D Visualization of Silicon Grains and Defect Related Data in Cast-Mono and Multicrystalline Bricks”, Jonas Schönauer                         


3AO.8.3 “High Bandgap Absorber for Monolithic Perovskite Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Reaching 25.1% Certified Efficiency and Ways Beyond”,  Patricia S. C. Schulze

2AO.5.3 “LeTID- and (Extended) BO-Related Degradation and Regeneration in B- and Ga-DopedMonocrystalline Silicon during Dark and Illuminated Anneals”, Wolfram Kwapil


1.AO.3.6 “Spray Coating – A Versatile Technique for Thin Film Deposition in PV”, Jonas Bartsch   

1AO.3.4 “Enabling the In-Situ Stress and Temperature Measurement by Silicon Solar Cell Integrated Stress andTemperature Sensors for Photovoltaic Modules”, Andreas Beinert

2AO.6.3 “Industrial TOPCon Solar Cells Realized by a PECVD Tube Process”, Frank Feldmann            


Tuesday, September 8


2BO.1.1 “Plating on TOPCon as a Way to Reduce the Fabrication Cost of i-TOPCon Solar Cells”, Bernd Steinhauser        

4BO.11.4 “More Realistic Consideration of Backsheet Coefficient of Thermal Expansion on Thermomechanics of PV Modules”, Pascal Romer


2BO.2.3 “Simultaneous Boron Emitter Diffusion via Rapid Vapour-Phase Direct Doping and Crystallization of TOPCon Layers”, Marion Drießen             

5BO.7.4 "Minute Resolution Measurement Network for Global Horizontal and Tilted Solar Irradiance for a Transmission System Control Area in Southern Germany”, Elke Lorenz       


4BO.13.6 “Energy Yield Modelling of 2-D and 3-D Curved PV Modules”, Sebastian Neven-du Mont                      


2BO.4.4 “The sputter deposition of low resistive and broadband transparent cerium and hydrogen co-doped indium oxide and its transfer to silicon heterojunction solar cells”, Leonard Tutsch

4BO.14.1 “Assessing the Effects of Photovoltaic Modules Long-Term Performance Degradation on Lifetime Energy Yield Predictions”, Ismael Kaaya


2BO.5.1 "Improved Layer Properties Combined with Light Soaking Enabling for 23% Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells”, Anamaria Moldovan


Wednesday, September 9


4CO.1.5 “Solderable PVD AI Back Contacts for the Module Integraton of High-Efficiency C-Si Solar Cells”, Henning Nagel


2CO.13.4 “TOPCon - Technology options for cost efficient industrial manufacturing”, Bishal Kafle       

4CO.2.1 “Comprehensive Evaluation of IEC Measurement Procedures for Bifacial Solar Cells and Modules”, Michael Rauer


2CO.14.2 “Review and Recent Development in Combining Photoluminescence- and Electroluminescence Imaging with Carrier Lifetime Measurements via Modulated Photoluminescence at variable Temparatures”, Hannes Höffler


3CO.8.5 “Dispensing Technology Meets CIGS Substrates: First IV-Results with Dispensed Metal Grid on CIGS Mini-Modules”, Katharina Gensowski


Thursday, September 10


6DO.11.1  “Potential and Challenges of vehicle integrated photovoltaics for passenger cars”, Martin Heinrich

6DO.11.6 “Integrated lightweight, glass-free PV module technology for box bodies of commercial trucks”, Christoph Kutter