Workshop  /  18. Januar 2024  -  19. Januar 2024

Green Hydrogen Export Acceleration | German-Dutch Industrial Reference Group

The production of green hydrogen and its derivatives is crucial for a defossilized sustainable energy supply. Although many production projects have been announced around the world, only a few international hydrogen supply chains are currently under construction.

Fraunhofer ISE's Power-to-X Country Analyses have shown that Western Australia offers a unique combination of great renewable energy potential, low production costs of hydrogen and derivatives like ammonia, and high land availability. In particular, the study area around Oakajee has the potential to produce at least a quater of the global hydrogen demand by 2050.

The Port of Rotterdam and Fraunhofer ISE are developing a Trilateral Hydrogen Hub (TrHyHub), which will be the key link in the new supply chain from Australia to Europe. This collaborative initiative, which is supported by the Western Australian, German and Dutch governments, aims to facilitate the production and export of green hydrogen to Europe, while fostering knowledge exchange and creating commercial opportunities for companies. The workshop connects the production side with the customers and the political side.

The free workshop provides a platform to showcase your technology or product to the Australian audience an offers you a valuable opportunity to enter into the highly competitive hydrogen market.

With this local workshop, we look forward to continuing our joint journey to accelerate green hydrogen exports. This time we will discuss the cargo and traffic forecasts from our TrHyHub study, the first results of the supply chain analysis from Western Australia to Germany via Rotterdam and the European/Australian certification. 

The event is organized by Fraunhofer ISE and Port of Rotterdam.