PV Nano Cell Ltd. and Fraunhofer ISE Present Results of Joint Metallization Technology Development


PV Nano Cell Ltd., the developer of Sicrys™ conductive inks based on single crystal nano-particles of silver and copper, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE announced remarkable results using the ink in the development of innovative metallization technologies for solar cells with Inkjet and Rotational Printing.

© Fraunhofer ISE/Dirk Mahler
The PV-TEC is Fraunhofer ISE's pilot line for the development of innovative metallization processes for the latest generation of solar cells.

Fraunhofer ISE has recently published several papers and presented extremely precise results with PVN Sicrys™ inks in the metallization of heterojunction solar cells, showing also low silver consumption, which has the potential to lower costs.

See PV Nano Cell’s press release.