Flyer and Brochures - Energy Efficient Buildings

Flyer: Heat Pumps

October 2018 | Language: english

Heating and cooling accounts for some 40% of Germany’s total fi nal energy consumption, with space heating and hot water responsible for over 80% of the energy consumed in households. This makes it imperative to cover heating demand – and, increasingly, cooling demand – as effi ciently and sustainably as possible. Heat pump technology has a key role to play in meeting these requirements.

Flyer: Integrated Simulation of Complex Fenestration Systems

February 2015 | Language: english

Windows and façades play a crucial role in the overall energy performance of buildings with respect to daylight, solar heat gains and thermal losses. The optimal use of daylight to achieve low energy costs and visual comfort is one R&D focus at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE.

Brochure: Applied Optics and Functional Surfaces

2011 | Language: english

R&D in optical methods is required in many market segments of solar technologies, e. g. in solar cells, windows and façades, solar thermal collectors and concentrator systems. Our expertise is similarly needed in non-solar applications such as lighting and display technology.