Key Topics

Integrated Photovoltaics – Areas for the Energy Transformation

Integrating PV technology into building envelopes, vehicles and roads, as well as over agricultural fields and floating on water surfaces, capitalizes on surface areas with a tremendous potential for generating solar power. In Germany, building-integrated solar technologies and agrophotovoltaics alone offer a combined technical potential of several hundred gigawatts of power. Integrated PV also creates synergies with other aspects, for instance by increasing the range of electric vehicles or improving noise protection on roads and railways. Generating solar power close to the consumer or directly onboard vehicles also reduces reliance on the power grid.

Energy Transformation – Paradigmatic Change and Digitalization

»The Energy Transformation – Intelligent and Digital« was the title of the most recent annual conference of the German Research Association for Renewable Energy FVEE. German non-university research institutions for renewable energy discussed the many facets and potentials of digitalization, which has been identified as both an »enabler« and a »driver« of the energy transformation. It plays a key role in finding solutions
for decentralization and achieving flexibility, as well as in the efficient use of energy and resources.  

Digitalization: Current R&D Activities at Fraunhofer ISE

Digitalization is an essential part of our research work - across all subject areas.

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Photovoltaic Modules and Power Plants

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Energy Efficient Buildings

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Solar Thermal Power Plants and Industrial Processes