Laser Technologies

For decades, laser technology has been undergoing rapid development. Costs have been reduced while at the same time performance and system flexibility have increased. Today no other technology serves a wider range of applications in the field of material processing.

This breadth of applications is reflected in the research topics of Fraunhofer ISE. In fact, laser technologies are used and specifically developed for almost the entire range of research topics at the Institute:  solar cells and modules, power electronics and battery storage, hydrogen technology as well as heating and cooling technologies.

The unique selling proposition of our services is the Institute’s ability to holistically address complex issues within our business areas with interdisciplinary teams along the value chain. We offer expertise from materials and components up to systems and their applications. Our services include cost calculations, life cycle analyses and recycling issues.

We also provide R&D services in the field of laser technologies to customers from other industries, developing customized solutions for many different applications.

Laser Processes


Laser-Matter Interaction


High-Throughput Laser Processing


Laser Thermal Annealing