Daylighting and glare evaluation

Scanning photogoniometer pgII for BSDF measurements.

TestLab Solar Façades

TestLab Solar Façades: Testing, advice and research.

Customised services for your building project

Our services are based on a solid foundation: In research projects, we develop our testing procedures further and study the strengths and weaknesses of the various methods. In addition, we use these projects to exchange experience at a national and international level. We belong to national and international standards committees. Our consultancy work in planning teams for innovative building projects ensures that we are aware of practical issues.

Customised services: we offer you our know-how in the form of measurements, tests and consultancy. We advise you on the method which will provide the most reliable and economic answer to your questions.

In addition, TestLab Solar Facades is the European Regional Data Aggregator (RDA) for the National Fenestration Rating Council NFRC . European glazing manufacturers that wish to address the North American market with their products must have the relevant data sets reviewed by the European RDA and then entered into a data base in cooperation with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory LBNL. European manufacturers should submit the required data sets by email to The necessary forms can be downloaded from the LBNL page Fraunhofer ISE is willing to advise and support manufacturers during the submission process. 

Testing and consultancy

We test and measure:

  • g value
  • glare control
  • transmission and reflection properties
  • U value
  • comparative investigations of facade systems in our rotatable daylight measurement rooms on the roof of the Institute building

Our distinguishing features

  • Planning reliability: Realistic observance of the user in evaluating facade systems
  • Comprehensive expertise in the fields of solar building, solar control and daylighting
  • Methods appropriate to the budget and building object at hand
  • Integrated appraisal of energy-relevant, thermal and visual demands in evaluating facades
  • Professional approach, certified according to ISO9001:2000

Main aspects of our work

  • g value: Further development and standardisation of the calorimetric measurement procedure
  • Glare control: Definition of new criteria for daylighting systems within an EU-funded research project
  • Daylighting: Further development of daylighting simulation for complex surface properties (RADIANCE)
  • EU standardisation: Membership of the European Standardisation Committee CEN/TC33/WG3/TG5 (thermal and visual comfort in combination with sun-shading systems)

Selected references

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  • Hochhaus GALAXY, Commerzbank, Vienna
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  • European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
  • Main Airport Centre, Frankfurt (Main)
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