R&D Infrastructure

Laboratory Centers and Technological Evaluation Centers

A special feature of Fraunhofer ISE is its excellent technical infrastructure. Laboratories with a floor area of 15 000 m2 and state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities are the basis for our competence in research and development. Clean-room laboratories with a floor area of 500 m2 are included. The R&D infrastructure of Fraunhofer ISE is divided into eight Laboratory Centers and three production-relevant Technological Evaluation Centers:

Laboratory Centers


Center for High Efficiency Solar Cells

Technologies for highest PV efficiency values


Center for Heating and Cooling Technologies

Examination and characterization of equipment and components for use in building services engineering


Center for Electrical Energy Storage

Novel materials and innovative production processes for battery systems technology


Center for Material Characterization and Durability Analysis

Analysis of materials for use in renewable energy systems


Center for Power Electronics and Sustainable Grids

Power Electronics and Grid technologies up to the multi-megawatt range


Center for Fuel Cells, Electrolysis and Synthetic Fuel

Characterization of components for hydrogen technology


Center for Emerging PV Technologies

Technological Evaluation Centers


Photovoltaic Technology Evaluation Center


Production and Measurement Technology for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells


Module Technology Evaluation Center


Production and Process Technology and Extensive Analysis Options for Module Technology


Concentrator Technology Evaluation Center


Development of New Generations of PV Modules with High and Low Concentration Factors

Silicon Materials Technology Evaluation Center


Development of New Technologies for the Production of Silicon Wafers

Accredited Laboratories

Fraunhofer ISE offers various testing and certification procedures to commercial enterprises and research institutes. At present, the Institute has two calibration and five test laboratories which are accredited:



CalLab PV Cells

Calibration of solar cells and mini PV modules



CalLab PV Modules

Calibration of photovoltaic modules



TestLab PV Modules

Measurements and tests for the design qualification and type approval of PV modules


Solar Thermal Technology

TestLab Solar Thermal Systems

We test solar collectors, components and complete systems. In addition, we provide support to our clients in developing their products.


Building Energy Technology

TestLab Solar Façades

We characterize transparent, translucent and opaque materials, inspect façade components and evaluate the energetic, thermal and optical properties of complete façades.


Energy System Technology

TestLab Power Electronics

The TestLab Power Electronics is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 to perform studies on inverters and other components up to the megawatt range.


Building Energy Technology

TestLab Heat Pumps and Chillers

State of the art technology for developing, measuring and characterizing heat pumps and chillers, as well as their components