CalLab PV Cells

Calibration of solar cells and mini PV modules

We provide a measuring service for solar cells and mini PV modules which have the following characteristics:

Cell material

  • Single cells made of mono or multicrystalline silicon
  • a-Si, CIS, CdTe, dye-sensitized solar cells or other cells on request

Solar cells

  • Dimensions 1x1 cm² to 16x16 cm² (larger sizes on request)
  • Easily accessible, mechanically robust electrical contacts
  • Flat metallic rear surface with full-surface contact coating
  • Bifacial solar cells (5" with 62.5mm busbar spacing)
  • Rear contact solar cells (2x2 cm² and 5")

Encapsulated reference cells

  • Mounted in a metal casing or on a metal substrate with good thermal contact to the supporting surface
  • Temperature sensor on the rear surface of the cell
  • Robust electrical connections using standard connectors

Reference and mini modules

  • Overall size see sketch
  • 1 active cell up to max. 16x16 cm²
  • Built-in PT100 temperature sensor
  • Robust electrical connections using standard connectors

Other devices can be measured on application.

Our quotations include the following standard services:

  • Comprehensive advice regarding the selection of suitable samples and measurement procedures
  • Quality assurance through regular primary calibration of the reference cells
  • Maintenance of international standards by means of regular international measurement comparisons
  • Accredited by Germany's National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with ISO 17025
  • Internationally accepted: ilac-MRA
  • Measurement procedure in accordance with IEC 60904-3
  • Choice of the following standard conditions: AM1.5 global, AM1.5 direct or AM0 WRL
  • Detailed documentation: calibration forms, diagrams and data carriers with measurement files
  • Confidential treatment of orders and results

Additional services available upon inquiry.