Networking within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

The institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft work hand in hand, collaborating in groups and alliances or pooling different skills in flexible structures as and when needed. This secures their leading position in the development of system solutions and the implementation of comprehensive innovations.

The Fraunhofer ISE is member of the following groups, alliances and networks:

Fraunhofer Groups

Fraunhofer Alliances

Fraunhofer Networks

International Network

A future, global, zero-CO2 energy supply calls for major effort from all parts of the world. Fraunhofer ISE thus participates actively in an extensive international network, with its own German subsidiaries and international collaborations ( ), Memoranda of Understanding with universities and research institutions around the world ( ) and, last but certainly not least, numerous international guest scientists from universities and research institutes abroad ( ) who carry out their research at Fraunhofer ISE, thereby contributing their specific expertise. Fraunhofer ISE cooperates with the other two internationally leading solar research institutes within the Global Alliances of Solar Research Institutes (GA-SERI), which was founded in 2012 (). Furthermore, Fraunhofer ISE is active in numerous international bodies, associations and societies.