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The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE bundles its technical expertise in the examination and characterization of various equipment and components for use in building services engineering in the Center for Heating and Cooling Technologies.

We cover various performance classes and problems in the investigation of equipment and its components through a comprehensive and modular infrastructure. Main topics are:

Development and performance testing of heat pumps and chillers.

Investigation and evaluation of novel heat exchangers for ventilation and air conditioning, adsorption, and cooling technology.

  • Investigation and evaluation of natural refrigerants
  • Investigation and evaluation of cooling circuit components (compressors, valves)
  • Tools and methods for the development of safety components

We analyze and evaluate heat transfer and pressure loss on characteristic structural sections and true to scale heat exchangers with various fluids, and conduct measurements on compressors, heat pumps, and cooling units according to various norms and sets of standards.

With our partners, we also develop individual measuring methods that support the time and cost-efficient design of the development and optimization process for equipment and more complex systems through realistic, dynamic test sequences including hardware-in-the-loop. Stability studies on components (such as alternating pressure tests on valves) complete the profile.

In addition to experimental activities, our portfolio includes the use of simulation tools for the modeling and layout of heat exchangers, cooling circuits, and systems. 


Technical Facilities

Test stands for measuring the dynamic/stationary boiling and adsorption characteristics of water at low pressure on structural sections and heat exchangers

Test stands for measuring air-charged heat exchangers with various fluids (water, brine, refrigerant)

3 air condition sections for volume flow ranges of 80-5000 m³/h, heat output of 2-50 kW, cooling output of 2-15 kW, and a temperature range of -15°C- 50°C

Test stands for refrigerant distribution

Test stand for compressor testing

Calorimetric double climate chamber for specimens up to 100 kW heating or cooling capacity (50 kW in calorimetric operation) at temperatures of -25 °C to 50 °C and relative humidity of 25% to 95%

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA)




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