Business Models, Flexibility and Marketing

The field of work "Business Models, Flexibility and Marketing" includes projects and services that deal with the operation and marketing opportunities of generation plants and energy storage systems. The associated economic, regulatory and legal relationships are the focus of the considerations. For example, different operating strategies and marketing opportunities as well as flexibility of different electricity consumers and energy storage systems are analyzed. This topic is important for our customers and for us, as the requirements and options in the changing energy market are constantly generating new business models and technologies.

We are particularly concerned with the operation of battery storage systems in the various electricity markets, as well as the possible applications for end consumers. In addition, there are also linkages and integration issues with other flexibilities such as electric vehicles or sector coupling technologies such as heat pumps. Even electrolysers represent a new flexibility and must be integrated into the energy system.

In the course of marketing options, we analyze the current support systems and distribution options for renewables. Examples here are Power Purchase Agreements, tenant power concepts or different storage concepts as well as tariff structures for end customers.

R&D Services

In the field of "Business Models, Flexibility and Marketing", we offer the following research and development services, for example:

  • Development and analysis of business models
  • Operation  planning in the area of heat and electricity, including storage utilization in the energy market or in the grid
  • Analysis of flexibility potentials and marketing options
  • Economic efficiency of plants (such as storage or sector coupling technologies) in the system

Research Projects on this Topic


Demonstration of Flexibility Options in the Building Sector and their Interaction with the Energy System in Germany


New Concepts for the Future Distribution Grid and Energy System


Grid Management as a New Market Participant to Optimize Electricity and Heat Usage


Photovoltaics in the Distribution Grid: Smart Grid Solutions for Decentralized Electricity Generation with Photovoltaics, Electric Storage and Demand Controls