Development of New Generations of PV Modules with High and Low Concentration Factors

Alignment and assembly equipment for accurate alignment of the base plate and the lens plate of a concentrator module.

Con-TEC – Concentrator Technology Evaluation Center

Our activities on concentrator module development are merged in Con-TEC. Here, we develop new generations of PV modules with high and low concentration factors, and test components and production processes. Further foci of our research are reliability and materials analysis. We have already demonstrated lens-based FLATCON® modules with efficiencies of up to 36.7 % (CSTC) that were manufactured on semi-automated production equipment. We support companies along the complete value chain for concentrating photovoltaics.

In Con-TEC, we use our production-relevant fabrication processes to produce concentrator modules with the highest efficiency and demonstrate ways to reduce costs. We produce prototypes in small series to evaluate new components, designs and processes. Our possibilities and experience in selecting and processing optical silicone materials are unique; we use silicones to produce optical elements, for optical coupling in secondary optics or to encapsulate solar cells.

Regarding the investigation of the reliability of assemblies, in concentrating photovoltaics, particularly the thermal interconnection of the solar cell to the substrate is decisive. This is because the concentrated irradiation means that very large energy fluxes have to be transferred. Accelerated aging tests are carried out to investigate the long-term stability of the modules or components.

Technical Facilities

Highly accurate pick & place of solar cells and components on small and large areas (small: < 250 x 300 mm² with a positioning accuracy of 25 μm @ 3 sigma and large: < 600 x 1170 mm² with 75 μm @ 3 sigma)

Soldering under air or nitrogen atmosphere, controlled curing of conductive adhesives

Vacuum soldering of areas of up to 300 x 300 mm² with void-free interconnection

Soldering without flux by applying formic acid or activation with forming gas

Bonder for heavy and thin gold and aluminium wires

Equipment to align primary optics to the solar cell

Dispensing units to apply adhesives and viscous mounting materials

Coordinate measurement equipment (MarVision OMS 1000 / 350) with a large measurement area (800 x 1050 mm2) and extremely high measurement accuracy (resolution of 0.1 μm)

Pull and shear tester (Dage Series 4000)

Climatic chambers for temperature treatment or thermal cycling, with or without additional loads due to elevated air humidity; testing of solar cell components with applied reverse voltage and irradiation of optical components or encapsulation materials with concentrated UV radiation