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Hydrogen Technologies

  • Hydrogen Technologies Ex-situ Analytics


    Ex-situ analytics provides insights into the microstructure of hydrogen technology materials and components. Properties like pore and particle size, element distribution and concentration in liquids, etc. are measured using high-end analytical equipment without actually operating the components, thus saving time and money.

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  • Fuel Cell Modeling


    We model PEM fuel cells on all scales with commercial and self-developed codes from electrode structure to s ystem level, from flow field design with CFD to address scientific questions. We place particular emphasis on the experimental validation of our models, which provide you with detailed insights into the physical effects during fuel cell operation, with regard to cell perfomance and aging behavior.

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  • PEM Fuel Cell Characterization


    A comprehensive in-situ characterization of the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and its layers in terms of performance and degradation at different operation conditions provides the basis for our customers’ decisions on suppliers, production processes, fuel cell stack designs and operation strategies.

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  • Production of Sustainable Synthesis Products


    Power-to-X (PtX) denotes the conversion of sustainable hydrogen and COx/N2 to energy carriers such as methanol, dimethyl ether and ammonia, which can also serve as platform molecules for the chemical industry or as clean fuels reducing CO2 and local emissions such as soot/NOx. PtX contributes to decarbonization of all energy economy sectors.

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  • Hydrogen Technologies


    We support our customers from the microscale up to global energy systems: We develop, model and analyze materials, components, production processes and infrastructure systems. In addition, we carry out techno-economic and life cycle assessments.

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  • Surface Analysis of Materials – X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HT-NAP-XPS)


    The innovative High Temperature Near-Ambient Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HT-NAP-XPS) brings conventional XPS to a new dimension of surface science. Functionalized surfaces can be investigated at pressures up to 25 mbar and temperatures up to 1 000 °C allowing in situ studies of reaction mechanisms and their intermediate stages – especially attractive for materials used in hydrogen technologies

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  • Power to Gas and Hydrogen Supply Chains – Techno-Economic Assessments of Hydrogen Infrastructure


    The efficient and economically viable utilization of green hydrogen in various sectors requires a comprehensive understanding of all individual elements in the hydrogen supply chain. In our techno-economic analyses, we develop and evaluate tailor-made solutions for the production of clean hydrogen from renewable energy, its efficient storage and demand-oriented distribution

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