Production of Sustainable Synthesis Products

We develop, optimize and evaluate chemical processes for the production of sustainable energy carriers and chemicals, ideally based on green hydrogen and CO2/N2. These include, in particular, power-to-liquids (PtL) processes for the production of ammonia, sustainable aviation fuels and methanol, as well as the derivatives dimethyl ether (DME) and oxymethylene ether (OME). We are investigating the new requirements for chemical processes resulting from the shift from fossil to sustainable feedstocks, such as dynamic operation based on fluctuating renewable energy generation. On the one hand, we are researching catalytic processes as part of catalyst screenings and kinetic studies. On the other hand, we are investigating product processing, e.g. through distillation, absorption and adsorption. By means of process intensification, e.g. the coupling of reaction and separation processes, we are developing new, compact and efficient manufacturing processes.

Experimentation and modeling go hand in hand for us: based on our facilities from laboratory to pilot plant scale, we create validated simulation tools that enable successful scale-up of the processes to industrial production scale.

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  • Our many years of experience in the field of Power-to-X guarantees you reliable and competent support in solving your individual issues.
  • Our highly customized test benches provide you with fast and precise measurement results for your process developments.
  • Our stationary and dynamic simulations are experimentally validated in our multi-faceted infrastructure and reduce the scale-up risk.

Process Development for the Efficient Production of Synthesis Products

© Iludest Destillationsanlagen GmbH
Pressure distillation column for the investigation of distillative separation processes, including reaction if necessary.

We develop efficient chemical processes for the industrial production of sustainable synthesis products. This is based on detailed and experimentally validated models to describe the reaction kinetics and thermodynamic behavior of the substance mixtures. We optimize the processes and determine technical and economic KPIs using industry-oriented process simulation tools such as Aspen Plus or customized simulation tools on the basis of Matlab/Simulink developed in house. In addition, we intensify processes by coupling reaction and material separation in order to make them more efficient and economical.

Evaluation of Catalysts in Screenings and Kinetic Studies

© Fraunhofer ISE
Test bench for the reaction-kinetic analysis of PtX synthesis.

We eveluate homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts in our highly developed test rigs. We use parallelized high-throughput reactor systems, fixed-bed reactors and batch reactors. State-of-the-art measurement techniques enable us to examine the processes taking place in the reaction down to the last detail. Using fiber optic temperature measurement, we can measure and understand the thermal behavior in the reactor with millimeter precision. At the same time, advanced analytical methods allow us to analyze products locally along the reactor, even in dynamic synthesis processes. Based on this data, we carry out detailed catalyst screenings and generate customized kinetic models to precisely describe the reaction behavior. We also use state-of-the-art measurement techniques such as NAP-XPS or µXRF to analyze the processes on the catalyst surface in order to evaluate catalyst stability and understand deactivation mechanisms.

Construction, Automation and Operation of mini-Plants for Scale-up

© Fraunhofer ISE / Foto: Joscha Feuerstein
Mini-plant for investigating the methanol synthesis reactor under industrial conditions.

We plan, design, automate and operate test benches to investigate our processes under industrially relevant conditions. Based on our in-depth understanding of the thermodynamics and kinetics of the processes, we are able to implement customized plant designs in a CE-compliant manner. Through the operation of these plants, we collect detailed data for a successful, experimentally validated scale-up.

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