Biodiversity Photovoltaics

At Fraunhofer ISE, we are researching ways to increase biodiversity and the electricity yield of ground-mounted PV systems. Species extinction and climate change are two major challenges that are closely linked. Although PV systems supply green electricity, their construction requires interventions in nature. Legislators have recently responded: the Solar Package I makes nature conservation measures mandatory for PV systems.

Biodiversity photovoltaics (biodiv PV) can solve the conflicting requirements together. Biodiv PV refers to PV systems that, in addition to generating electricity, also implement measures to promote biodiversity on the solar site. They ensure an increase in local biodiversity on the plant site and in the surrounding area by creating habitat and improving ecological conditions.

We investigate technical adaptations and measures to enhance the ecological value of solar plants.

Feasability Studies for Biodiversity in Solar Parks

© / Anusak Rojpeetipongsakorn
Wir bieten Ihnen eine umfassende Machbarkeitsstudie Ihres Biodiv-PV-Projekts.

Our researchers assess the impact of solar parks on biodiversity and develop solutions to promote biodiversity. Our feasibility studies include a comprehensive analysis of the surrounding environment, including the local ecosystem and existing flora and fauna. We identify potential impacts of solar parks on biodiversity and develop measures to minimize negative effects and create habitats for different species.

Our feasibility studies provide our clients with sound information and recommendations for integrating biodiversity measures into their solar park projects. We support them in the implementation of these measures and also offer monitoring and evaluation to ensure the long-term effectiveness of biodiversity promotion.

Planning Supoort for Biodiversity in Solar Parks

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Bei uns finden sie Effektive Planungsunterstützung für nachhaltige und biodiversitätsfördernde Photovoltaikanlagen.

Our planning support for biodiversity in solar parks offers expertise and customized solutions. We work closely with planners, developers and operators to integrate biodiversity measures. We consider ecological and economic aspects for sustainable solutions. Our aim is to create habitats for plants and animals and to optimize energy production.

Our studies assess the impact on biodiversity and, based on this, we make specific planning recommendations.

We support you with site identification, ecological analyses, development of measures and their integration into the overall plan.. 

Simulation of System Designs and Light Availability

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Lichtverfügbarkeit kann effektiv mit Ray-Tracing Simulationen dargestellt werden.

Our services include the simulation of system designs and light availability in biodiv PV systems. Using state-of-the-art simulation software, we analyze the light conditions and create precise models for the planning of PV systems that promote biodiversity.

The simulation allows us to test different system designs and optimize the light availability for the plants in the system. We take into account factors such as the orientation of the modules, the distance between the modules and possible shading. Based on the simulation results, we develop customized solutions to optimally combine energy generation and the promotion of biodiversity.

Monitoring of the System

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Monitoring-Konzept für eine Biodiv-PV Anlage.

Our services include monitoring the interaction of the system with the environment and the performance of the plant. We implement advanced monitoring systems to continuously monitor the operation of the Biodiv-PV plant and observe its impact on the environment.

Through monitoring, we can analyze important environmental parameters such as soil quality and impact on the surrounding flora and fauna as well as determine key performance indicators for the plant. We use modern sensor technologies and data analysis methods for this purpose.

Our experts evaluate the monitoring data and provide you with comprehensive reports on the performance of your Biodiv PV system.

Final Performance Evaluation and Acceptance Tets of the System

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Die Elektrothermographie liefert wichtige Ergebnisse zum Zustand der Anlage.

After installation and commissioning, we carry out specific tests to ensure that the system meets the specified performance and quality standards.

We check the performance of the system and carry out inspections and tests to identify possible defects or deviations and recommend appropriate measures for optimization.

We ensure that your Biodiv PV system meets both electrical and environmental requirements. Upon completion of the performance evaluation and acceptance tests, you will receive a detailed report with the results and recommendations.

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