Perovskite Thin-Film Photovoltaics

Perovskite-based photoabsorbers have a low material criticality, a high light absorption capacity and can achieve specific optical properties by adjusting the chemical composition. This makes perovskites interesting for use in multi-junction solar cells: by stacking several perovskite solar cells with different band gaps, the efficiency can be significantly increased and exceed the theoretical maximum of single-junction solar cells. 

In the "Perovskite Thin-Film Photovoltaics" research topic, we are working on the development of scalable manufacturing processes for perovskite solar cells and modules. The focus here is on low-temperature processes in which functional layers are deposited or printed from solution. This makes it possible to produce the components on flexible substrates in order to open up new fields of application - particularly in the area of integrated photovoltaics. We conduct our research at an international level and are a point of contact for industrial and academic players in the field of coating technology, cell production and system integration.

Fields of Work

In the research topic "Perovskite Thin-Film Photovoltaics" we focus on the following fields of work:

Material Screening and Cell Stack Optimization of Perovskite-Thin-Film Solar Cells

Graphite-based Electrodes for Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite-Perovskite Tandem Photovoltaics

Module and Production Processes in Perovskite-Thin-Film Photovoltaics

Long-term Stability of Perovskite-Thin-Film Solar Cells

Characterization and Modeling of Perovskite-Thin-Film Cells

R&D Infrastructure

At Fraunhofer ISE, we benefit from this infrastructure for our research and development activities:


Center for Emerging PV Technologies

Next-generation solar cell technologies

Selected Research Projects



Perovskite photovoltaics with minimized ecological footprint



Flexible perovskite-perovskite tandem photovoltaics


PeroTec Effizienz Phase 1

Development of process technology for highly efficient long-term stable perovskite solar cells using the PeroTecTM process