Fraunhofer ISE Signs Open Letter Regarding REPowerEU Plan

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is co-signatory of an open letter regarding the REPowerEU plan to European policy makers and the media. Internationally active energy storage system associations and companies as well as international research institutions demand higher speed in the deployment of electrical energy storage.

“We welcome the REPower EU Plan but believe that Europe needs a more rapid rollout of proven and scalable technologies to increase grid flexibility and enable the safe and efficient integration of renewable generation”, says Matthias Vetter, Head of Department of Electrical Energy Storage at Fraunhofer ISE.

Battery-based energy storage is a solution which is quickly deployed, cost- effective and has low-emissions and thus hasthe potential to become a backbone of modern, resilient and decarbonized energy systems. Other technologies, such as demand side response, improved utilization of the existing storage potential of pumped hydroelectric and other energy storage technologies, as well as the interconnectivity between national electricity markets, are all critical to enabling the European energy transition.

Thanks to its unique features- speed of response, flexibility, and reliability- battery-based energy storage and other fast-acting technologies are perfectly positioned to reduce the overall electricity cost for businesses and residential energy users in multiple ways. Battery-based energy storage can enhance grid stability and ease congestion on transmission lines, while reducing renewable curtailment and the significant associated costs at the same time. 

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