Outdoor Reference Cells

Outdoor reference cell
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Outdoor reference cell.

Interested customers with professional experience in the photovoltaic field can use Fraunhofer ISE’s indoor and outdoor reference cells, which were originally developed for the institute’s own use. This enables a high level of measurement precision to be achieved for the first time at locations other than specialized calibration laboratories.

Technical data for outdoor reference cells:

  • Housing made of naturally anodized unstressed aluminum IP65
  • Dimensions 70*79*17mm³
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar cell made by Fraunhofer ISE, 20*20mm²
  • Potential-free mounting in the housing
  • Pt100 temperature sensor (4-wire) integrated
  • Connection via 8-pin binder connector
  • Glass cover or filter e.g. for measuring thin film cells
  • Integrated precision resistor
  • Calibration of the short circuit current as a resistor voltage in mV

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