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Selected highlight articles from our divisions Photovoltaics, Power Solutions, Heat and Buildings and Hydrogen Technologies

Bereich Wärme und Gebäude

Design and Analysis of Charge-Reduced Refrigerant Cycles Using R290

Bereich Strom

Novel method for the parameterization of a reliable equivalent circuit model for the precise simulation of a battery cell’s electric behavior

Bereich Photovoltaik

The MorphoColor Concept for Colored Photovoltaic Modules

Bereich Wasserstofftechnologien

Catalyst screening and reaction kinetics of liquid phase DME synthesis under reactive distillation conditions

Photovoltaics at multiterawatt scale: Waiting is not an option

25% annual PV growth is possible over the next decade

SCIENCE | 6 Apr 2023 | Vol 380, Issue 6640 | pp. 39-42 

Nancy M. Haegel, et al.


In this joint paper PV researchers determined that a sustained global growth in photovoltaics of 25 percent per year over the next decade is prerequisite for achieving a climate-neutral global energy system by 2050.