Heat Pumps in Commercial Buildings

Wärmepumpen in Nicht-Wohngebäuden
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Heat pumps and chillers are a main supply technology for non-residential buildings. In commercial properties, office buildings, hospitals, hotels or schools, they provide hot water, space heating and cooling. The use of heat pumps for the supply of heat and cold is particularly efficient. When used in non-residential buildings, low system temperatures and thus high energy efficiency are possible.


  • high efficiency at low system temperatures
  • low CO2 emissions and use of sector-coupling
  • supply of both heat and cold
  • couples well with PV, solar thermal energy and heating grids
  • high share of renewable energy possible by using local ambient heat

R&D on Heat Pumps in Commercial Buildings:

  • Investigation of different operation management models (load-controlled, time-controlled)
  • Model predictive control for multiple source systems and combination with other heat generators
  • Quality assurance, fault detection and diagnosis, and predictive maintenance
  • Potential analyses and control development for grid-supportive operation
  • Investigation and optimization of heat extraction systems (outdoor air, geothermal energy, ground water, waste water, PVT)

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