Production Technology for Batteries


In the topic "Production Technology for Batteries", we focus on procedures, processes, and technologies and their use in the manufacture of energy storage systems. The aim is to increase the safety, quality and performance of batteries - while at the same time optimizing production technology. Our expertise is aimed at material, cell and module manufacturers, plant and mechanical engineering companies, factory planners and research institutes.

We develop innovative processes for the production of battery materials with high purity and homogeneity. We manufacture electrodes with precise microstructures to increase the performance of batteries.
Our focus is on process development and optimization for the production of high-performance battery materials as well as research into manufacturing technologies for all-solid-state batteries for improved energy density, safety and service life. Our manufacturing technologies for pouch cells enable the production of industrially relevant cells for various energy storage applications in a production-relevant environment.

Fields of Work

In the research topic "Production Technology for Batteries" we focus on the following fields of work:

Interconnection Technology for Battery Cells and Modules

Battery Cell Production

Pilot Production for Pouch Cells

Energy-Efficient Clean and Dry Rooms

Customized Active Material Synthesis

Particle Refining by Powder Processing Techniques

Wet and Dry Electrode Manufacturing and Thin-Film Technology

Fabrication Technology for Solid-State Batteries

R&D Infrastructure

At Fraunhofer ISE, we benefit from this infrastructure for our research and development activities:

Center for Electrical Energy Storage

For our battery research and development activities in the "Center for Electrical Energy Storage", we have an area of 5,500 m² at our disposal. Of this, 1,300 m² is fully equipped with this infrastructure as laboratory space for cell development and production technology: 

  • industrial dry room (ISO 7) with 125m² of usable space, dew points down to -60°C
  • further dry rooms with 120m² usable space, dew points down to -40°C
  • demonstrator test stand of a mini-environment (flow-flexible, dew point variable down to -65°C, variable ambient humidity) (under construction)

Novel materials and innovative production processes for battery systems technology

Selected Research Projects on the Topic "Production Technology for Batteries"



Cobalt-Free Solid-State Batteries with Sulfide Electrolytes



Solid Lithium Batteries with Non-Woven Materials