Certification Procedure

Tests for PV Module Certification

The Fraunhofer ISE carries out the tests for the type approvals following IEC EN 61215 and IEC EN 61730 for modules with crystalline silicon cells and for thin-film modules. The VDE Institute issues the relevant certificates.

A certificate always applies explicitly to the type of module tested with the materials used when manufactured. In the case of subsequent modifications to the module design (e.g. frame, size, cell number) or the use of new materials (e.g. solar cell, backsheet, encapsulation material), certain test sequences must be repeated according to the retesting guidelines. These tests (retests) are also carried out in the TestLab PV Modules.  

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The reliability, quality and safety are tested for certification. The graphic shows the test procedure according to IEC 61215-1/-2:2021 and IEC 61730-2:2016.