Technology Evaluation for Batteries

In the topic "Technology assessment for batteries", we analyze and evaluate materials, processes and technologies over the entire life cycle of a battery. Our aim is to determine the best and most sustainable technology option by taking economic, ecological and social effects into account, taking specific boundary conditions into account. Our expertise is aimed at industrial enterprises, companies and research institutions.

We are working intensively to develop new technologies and processes for the efficient and cost-effective production of battery cells on an industrial scale. Our research includes comprehensive techno-economic and ecological assessments of technology options. Through detailed process modeling and material flow analyses, we analyze existing standard processes as well as innovative and new approaches.

Our direct contact with experts enables us to evaluate various processes from laboratory to pilot scale. We are also active in the field of battery recycling, developing innovative recycling processes and working on the recovery of valuable and critical raw materials.

Fields of Work

In the research topic "Technology Evaluation for Batteries" we focus on the following fields of work:

Market Analysis and Strategy Development

Analysis of Raw Material Availability and Supply Chain Risks

Techno-economic Analysis of Battery Production Technology

Comparisons of Battery Technologies

Sustainability Analysis of Battery Solutions

Evaluations of Battery Products

Battery Recycling

Software / Databases:

We use the following tools, amongst others, for our analyses in the topic "Technology Evaluation for Batteries"

  • LCA analysis with Umberto and Gabi
  • EcoInvent database

Selected Research Projects



Highly Efficient Recycling of Li-Ion Active Materials from Round and Button Cells