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202025.1% High‐Efficiency Monolithic Perovskite Silicon Tandem Solar Cell with a High Bandgap Perovskite Absorber
Schulze, P.S.C.; Bett, A.J.; Bivour, M.; Caprioglio, P.; Gerspacher, F.M.; Kabakli, Ö.S.; Richter, A.; Stolterfoht, M.; Zhang, Q.; Neher, D.; Hermle, M.; Hillebrecht, H.; Glunz, S.W.; Goldschmidt, J.C.
Journal Article
202034.1 % Efficient GaInP/AlGaAs//Si Tandem Cell: Paper presented at 47th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, PVSC 2020, June 15 - August 21, 2020, Virtual Meeting
Dimroth, F.; Schygulla, P.; Lackner, D.; Müller, R.; Benick, J.; Beutel, P.; Predan, F.; Höhn, O.; Hauser, H.; Siefer, G.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.
Conference Paper
20203D lattice Boltzmann modeling of droplet motion in PEM fuel cell channel with realistic GDL microstructure and fluid properties
Hou, Y.; Deng, H.; Zamel, N.; Du, Q.; Jiao, K.
Journal Article
20203D visualization of growth interfaces in cast Si ingot using inclusions distribution
Kamibeppu, S.; Krenckel, P.; Trötschler, T.; Hess, A.; Riepe, S.; Usami, N.
Journal Article
20206-W Optical Power Link with Integrated Optical Data Transmission
Helmers, H.; Armbruster, C.; Ravenstein, Moritz von; Derix, D.; Schöner, C.
Journal Article
2020Abschlussbericht für das Verbundvorhaben "Deutsch-Kanadische Brennstoffzellenkooperation: Diagnose und Entwicklung von Komponenten für automobile Brennstoffzellen" (Dekade*): Laufzeit: 01.01.2017-31.12.2019
Zamel, N.; Gerteisen, D.; Scherzer, A.-C.; Schneider, P.D.; Groos, U.
2020Accuracy of Hybrid Functionals with Non-Self-Consistent Kohn-Sham Orbitals for Predicting the Properties of Semiconductors
Skelton, J.M.; Gunn, D.S.D.; Metz, S.; Parker, S.C.
Journal Article
2020Adsorptive Coatings based on Siloxane Binders for Heat Transformation Applications
Kummer, Harry
2020Analyse struktureller Defekte in Siliciumkristallen aus gerichteter Erstarrung mit Keimvorgabe
Krenckel, Patricia; Willeke, Gerhard (Referent); Boneberg, Johannes (Referent)
2020Assessment of flexible electric vehicle charging in a sector coupling energy system model - Modelling approach and case study
Sterchele, P.; Kersten, K.; Palzer, A.; Hentschel, J.; Henning, H.-M.
Journal Article
2020Atom Probe Tomography Study of Gettering in High-Performance Multicrystalline Silicon
Tweddle, D.; Hamer, P.; Shen, Z.; Heinz, F.D.; Krenckel, P.; Riepe, S.; Schindler, F.; Wilshaw, P.R.; Moody, M.P.
Journal Article
2020Basic concepts of PVT collector technologies, applications and markets
Lämmle, M.; Herrando, M.; Ryan, G.
2020Battery Management Systems for Dynamic Systems. Short Overview of Current Work on Battery Management Systems: Presentation held at Huawei Webinar Battery Technologies 2020, online, Freiburg, Germany, 17.06.2020-18.06.2020
Milde, W.
2020Capillary-assisted evaporation of water from finned tubes - Impacts of experimental setups and dynamics
Seiler, J.; Volmer, R.; Krakau, D.; Pöhls, J.; Ossenkopp, F.; Schnabel, L.; Bardow, A.
Journal Article
2020Carrier recombination dynamics in Ga0.51In0.49P double-heterostructures up to 500K
Walker, A.; Shaked, A.; Dagan, R.; Kribus, A.; Rosenwaks, Y.; Ohlmann, J.; Lackner, D.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2020Chemische Degradation von Brennstoffzellen-Membranen: Ex-situ Analyse in Fenton-Tests
Prass, S.; Georg, A.; Zamel, N.
Journal Article
2020Comparison of Inline Crack Detection Systems for Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Greulich, J.M.; Demant, M.; Kunze, P.; Dost, G.; Ramspeck, K.; Vetter, A.; Probst, C.
Journal Article
2020Conductive Highly Filled Suspensions for an Electrochemical Dispensing Approach to Pattern Full-Area Thin Metal Layers by Physical Vapour Deposition
Gensowski, Katharina; Tepner, Sebastian; Schweigert, Sebastian; Clement, Florian; Kamp, Mathias; Pospischil, Maximilian; Bartsch, Jonas
Journal Article
2020Daylight: What makes the difference?
Knoop, M.; Stefani, O.; Bueno, B.; Matusiak, B.; Hobday, R.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Martiny, K.; Kantermann, T.; Aarts, M.P.J.; Zemmouri, N.; Appelt, S.; Norton, B.
Journal Article
2020Degradation in photovoltaic encapsulation strength of attachment
Miller, D.C.; Alharbi, F.; Andreas, A.; Bokria, J.G.; Burns, D.M.; Bushong, J.; Chen, X.; Dietz, D.; Fowler, S.; Gu, X.; Habte, A.; Honeker, C.C.; Kempe, M.D.; Khonkar, H.; Köhl, M.; Phillips, N.H.; Rivera, J.; Scott, K.P.; Singh, A.; Zielnik, A.F.
Journal Article
2020A density functional theory study on the passivation mechanisms of hydrogenated Si/Al2O3 interfaces
Colonna, F.; Kühnhold-Pospischil, S.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2020Development and analysis of wafer-bonded four-junction solar cells based on antimonides with 42% efficiency under concentration
Predan, F.; Höhn, O.; Lackner, D.; Franke, A.; Helmers, H.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2020Development and Outdoor Characterization of a Hybrid Bifacial HCPV Module
Martinez, J.; Steiner, M.; Wiesenfarth, M.; Fellmeth, T.; Dörsam, T.; Wiese, M.; Glunz, S.W.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2020Development of a Simple Setup for Temperature Dependent Mass Spectrometric Measurements for the Investigation of Outgassing Effects in Polymeric Materials for Solar Application
Piekarczyk, A.; Heitmann, U.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.; Bald, I.
Journal Article
2020"Die Versorgungssicherheit ist sehr hoch": Netzstabilität
Henning, H.-M.; Lehmann, K.
Journal Article
2020Direct Correlation of Nanoscale Morphology and Device Performance to Study Photocurrent Generation in Donor-Enriched Phases of Polymer Solar Cells
Ben Dkhil, S.; Perkhun, P.; Luo, C.; Müller, D.; Alkarsifi, R.; Barulina, E.; Avalos Quiroz, Y.A.; Margeat, O.; Thierry Dubas, S.; Koganezawa, T.; Kuzuhara, D.; Yoshimoto, N.; Caddeo, C.; Mattoni, A.; Zimmermann, B.; Würfel, U.; Pfannmöller, M.; Bals, S.; Ackermann, J.; Videlot-Ackermann, C.
Journal Article
2020Double-Mesoscopic Hole-Transport-Material-Free Perovskite Solar Cells: Overcoming Charge-Transport Limitation by Sputtered Ultrathin Al2O3 Isolating Layer
Mathiazhagan, Gayathri; Wagner, Lukas; Bogati, Shankar; Yasaroglu Ünal, Kübra; Bogachuk, Dmitry; Kroyer, Thomas; Mastroianni, Simone; Hinsch, Andreas
Journal Article
2020Dynamic feed-in tariffs with reduced complexity and their impact on the optimal operation of a combined heat and power plant
Selinger-Lutz, O.; Groß, A.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2020The Effect of Cell and Module Dimensions on Thermomechanical Stress in PV Modules
Beinert, A.; Romer, P.; Heinrich, M.; Mittag, M.; Aktaa, J.; Neuhaus, D.H.
Journal Article
2020Effect of heat capacity modulation of heat pump to meet variable hot water demand
Szreder, M.; Miara, M.
Journal Article
2020The effects of carbon incorporation on the refractive index of PECVD silicon oxide layers
Torda, Benjamin; Rachdi, Lazhar; Mohamed Okasha Mohamed Okasha, Asmaa; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc
Journal Article
2020Efficiency Roadmap for Evolutionary Upgrades of PERC Solar Cells by TOPCon: Impact of Parasitic Absorption
Messmer, C.; Fell, A.; Feldmann, F.; Wöhrle, N.; Schön, J.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article
2020Electron and proton irradiation effect on the minority carrier lifetime in SiC passivated p-doped Ge wafers for space photovoltaics
Weiss, Charlotte; Park, Seonyong; Lefèvre, Jérémie; Boizot, Bruno; Mohr, Christian; Cavani, Olivier; Picard, Sandrine; Kurstjens, Rufi; Niewelt, Tim; Janz, Stefan
Journal Article
2020Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging Investigation of Stacking Fault Pyramids in GaP on Si Nucleation Layers
Feifel, M.; Ohlmann, J.; France, R.; Lackner, D.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2020Energy Efficiency and Economic Assessment of Imported Energy Carriers Based on Renewable Electricity
Hank, C.; Sternberg, A.; Köppel, N.; Holst, M.; Smolinka, T.; Schaadt, A.; Hebling, C.; Henning, H.-M.
Journal Article
2020The environmental potential of Phase Change Materials in building applications. A multiple case investigation based on Life Cycle Assessment and building simulation
Di Bari, R.; Horn, R.; Nienborg, B.; Klinker, F.; Kieseritzky, E.; Pawelz, F.
Journal Article
2020Evaluating a Procedure to Align Local Laser Doping and Metallization
Weber, J.; Lohmüller, E.; Gutscher, S.; Brand, A.A.
Journal Article
2020Experimentally measured thermal masses of adsorption heat exchangers
Gluesenkamp, K.R.; Frazzica, A.; Velte, A.; Metcalf, S.; Yang, Z.; Rouhani, M.; Blackman, C.; Qu, M.; Laurenz, E.; Rivero-Pacho, A.; Hinmers, S.; Critoph, R.; Bahrami, M.; Füldner, G.; Hallin, I.
Journal Article
2020Facile Two‐Phase Catalysis: From Dimethoxymethane and Monomeric Formaldehyde towards Oxymethylene Ethers (OMEs)
Peter, A.; Stebens, G.; Baumgärtner, J.F.; Jacob, E.; Mantei, F.K.; Ouda, M.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article
2020Fluorescent Solar Energy Concentrators: Principle and Present State of Development
Goetzberger, A.
Book Article
2020Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme. Jahresbericht 2019/2020
Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme -ISE-, Freiburg/Brsg.
Electronic Publication
2020From residential electric load profiles to flexibility profiles: A stochastic bottom-up approach
Fischer, D.; Surmann, A.; Biener, W.; Selinger-Lutz, O.
Journal Article
2020Full Parametric Study of the Influence of Ionomer Content, Catalyst Loading and Catalyst Type on Oxygen and Ion Transport in PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers
Alink, Robert; Singh, Rajveer; Schneider, Patrick; Christmann, Kläre; Schall, Johannes; Keding, Roman; Zamel, Nada
Journal Article
2020Functionalising hydrothermal carbons for catalysis-investigating solid acids in esterification reactions
Bosilj, M.; Bozoglu, M.; Schmidt, J.; Aguiar, P.M.; Fischer, A.; White, R.J.
Journal Article
2020Gezielter Heizkörper-Austausch in Wärmepumpen-Heizungsanlagen
Lämmle, M.; Wapler, J.; Kropp, M.; Hess, S.; Hahn, D.; David, G.; Herkel, S.
Conference Paper
2020Grid reduction for energy system analysis
Biener, W.; Garcia Rosas, K.R.
Journal Article
2020A Guideline for Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Capture and Utilization
Müller, L.J.; Kätelhön, A.; Bachmann, M.; Zimmermann, A.; Sternberg, A.; Bardow, A.
Journal Article
2020High-efficient low-cost photovoltaics. Second edition
Petrova-Koch, V.; Hezel, R.; Goetzberger, A.
2020High-Precision Alignment Procedures for Patterning Processes in Solar Cell Production
Lohmüller, E.; Weber, J.; Demant, M.; Lohmüller, S.; Gutscher, S.; Saint-Cast, P.; Wolf, A.
Journal Article
2020Hybrid evaporation/spray-coating process for a simplified and controllable production of perovskite solar cells
Cojocaru, Ludmila; Wienands, Karl; Erdil, Ulas; Schulze, Patricia S.C.; Mundt, Laura E.; Bett, Alexander J.; Breitwieser, Matthias; Lombeck, Florian; Prescher, Mario; Kirste, Lutz; Vierrath, Severin; Goldschmidt, Jan Christoph; Glunz, Stefan W.
Journal Article
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