Sustainable PV Manufacturing in Europe - An Initiative for a 10GW GreenFab

Prof. Dr. Andreas W. Bett, Fraunhofer ISE | April 2020

Photovoltaic technology is heading towards becoming the main pillar of the future energy supply, as cost of solar photovoltaics electricity is about to become lower than any conventional alternative. Hence, annual growth rates continue to be strong and only within Europe more than 30 GWp Photovoltaic annual installations are envisaged in 2023, growing to well above 100 GWp/a by 2030. Against this background investing into a fully integrated 10 GWp PV manufacturing line in Europe opens huge market opportunities: A modern, highly efficient PV manufacturing facility is economically sound and competitive. Moreover, producing in Europe with a GreenFab concept with a small CO2 footprint is a strong market differentiator. Local production in the EU allows for strategic autonomy in the important energy sector. An eco-system is available as European equipment manufacturers and R&D institutes are still leading in innovation.