Thermal cycling equipment

Thermal cycling equipment suitable for a wide range of samples.

ServiceLab Phase Change Materials

We test and characterize phase-change materials (PCM) but also other thermal storage materials and heat transfer fluids from the materials level to the final product. In addition to materials characterization in our laboratories, we offer
application-relevant investigations in test rigs. For example, an adiabatic test room is available which is used for the investigation
of heating and cooling systems. We are recognized by the RAL Gütegemeinschaft PCM (PCM quality association) as a testing institute which is authorized to award the RAL PCM quality seal, which was developed by Fraunhofer ISE
in cooperation with others for phase change materials and PCM products. The ServiceLab Phase Change Materials offers complete certification by a single body.

Facilities and Services


Certification according to RAL PCM quality seal, GZ 896


Thermal characterization by heat-flux or Tian-Calvet DSC in the range from -90 °C to +800 °C


Characterization of macroscopic samples with an area of up to 50 cm x 50 cm with dynamic flat-plate equipment


Determination of rheological behaviour and viscosity by rotational rheometry in the range from -20 °C to +600 °C


Determination of thermal conductivity by xenon flash, laser flash and heating wire in the range from -50 °C to +500 °C


Determination of liquid density up to 100 °C


Testing the thermal stability of PCM and PCM products under thermal cycling


Field monitoring of PCM systems