Novel materials and innovative production processes for battery systems technology

Center for Energy Storage Technologies and Systems

In the “Center for Energy Storage Technologies and Systems”, Fraunhofer ISE is focussing particularly on battery technology. We are working with novel materials and developing innovative production processes for battery cells and pursue new approaches for battery systems technology – from the cell, through the module, up to the complete battery pack including battery and thermal management. We optimize procedures to determine the state of charge and state of health as well as to predict the lifetime. In addition, we work on optimized charging and operation management strategies as well as battery system prototypes for widely varying application areas.

Our activities also include the modelling and simulation of batteries. We work with electrical, electrochemical and thermal models at the materials, on cell and system level. We carry out comprehensive testing and checking of batteries, including performance and aging investigations (calendaric, cyclic), thermal investigations, abuse tests and post mortem analyses. Furthermore, we have the competence to test different PV storage systems such as pico PV systems, Solar Home Systems, PV hybrid systems, grid-connected PV battery systems and storage system components (charge controllers, energy management systems, etc.).

We specialize in the comprehensive quality assurance of electrical and thermal storage systems. Our methods range from simulation-based system layout and optimization, through system tests in the laboratory and in the field up to system monitoring. In the area of thermal storage this includes both heat and cold storage.


Technical Facilities

Basic processing chain for the production and processing of materials for battery cells

Test circuits for cycling small battery cells and measurement systems for electrochemical characterization of new battery chemistries

Battery test circuits up to system level with 250 kW (1000 V, 600 A)

Climatic chambers with safety equipment

Isothermal battery calorimeter

High-accuracy coulombmetric test stand

Test rigs for complete PV home storage systems up to 15 kW (Hardware-in-the-loop)

Test facilities for DC applications, e. g. for lamps

Electronics laboratory for the development of battery management systems and electronics for small PV systems

Off-Grid Laboratory: Testing and measurements for the characterization and certification of small PV battery systems (pico PV systems and Solar Home System kits), components (e. g. charge controllers) and DC-powered products

PV battery-diesel system test stand

Test stands to characterize thermal storage units in the temperature range from -30 bis 550 °C

Monitoring system for energy relevant analysis of thermal storage units in application

Test facility to characterize storage systems according to EN 12977-3

More about our labs:

Lab Batteries

Testing of battery cells and modules as well as complete battery storage systems

Lab Lighting and DC Appliances

Test, inspection and certification for lamps, lighting systems and charge controllers