Mineral Extraction

Our group’s advancements in R&D of membrane technology and treatment techniques have led us to adapt our methodology to support mineral mining from fluid rejects. Fluid rejects originate from a large number of sources like mines, geothermal spots, chemical industries etc. At times, these rejects contain minerals such as tungsten, gold, lithium and cesium in economically interesting amounts. This is where Fraunhofer ISE’s water treatment team comes into play. By employing our indigenously developed membrane techniques, we are able to extract these valuable minerals from the fluid reject, at the same time allowing for a more sustainable and rewarding disposal approach.  

We are involved in projects in the wastewater treatment industry and in discussion and in first collaborations with the mining and energy industries for mineral extraction. Our highly motivated and innovative team would welcome any further opportunities or proposals for participation in projects that address mineral extraction from expelled fluids.

Research Projects on this Topic



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