Membrane Contactor Development

Our experience with membrane technology enables us to develop and fabricate membrane modules for a wide range of applications. Our work involves computer-aided module optimization, material testing and selection, module fabrication and integration of the modules into operational systems. In the past, Fraunhofer ISE had developed fluid-fluid as well as fluid-air contactors with varying designs and geometries - spiral wound modules, plate-and-frame modules and hollow fibre modules. Furthermore, we offer experience in specific tooling and fabrication techniques such as spiral membrane winding, membrane welding and membrane potting.

The group’s primary focus is on the domain of implementation of hydrophobic and microporous polymer membranes in the range of 0.01 m² and 50 m² membrane area. We have also developed special simulation tools for computer aided technical or techno-economic optimization of the module geometrical design - channel and geometry -, as well as membrane material selection according to project requirements. These tools are also used to perform cost analyses to identify the economic competitiveness of a technology with respect to the current state-of-the-art.