Experimental Investigation and Analysis on Different Membrane Technologies (MD, RO, ED, DD)

With multiple membrane test facilities at our disposal, experimental investigations on different membranes and membrane processes can be carried out. The test facilities are used to characterize the properties of membranes and to carry out material and membrane performance testing. Based on measurement results we perform simulations on target membrane processes like reverse osmosis (RO) membrane distillation (MD), electrodialysis (ED) and diffusion dialysis (DD).    

Our test facilities provide a wide range of options, starting from lab scale equipment all the way to industrial-scale testing platforms. These facilities allow for the operation of membrane module systems of surface areas up to 100 m² with complete system automation.

Our state of the art facilities enables us to conduct experimental and theoretical investigations on customer systems (commercial or R&D) allowing independent performance evaluations and feedback on optimization strategies. Such investigations may also involve the identification and evaluation of new markets.