Membrane Technology

Our expertise in the field of Membrane Technology covers the following services :

Experimental Investigation and Analysis on Different Membrane Technologies

(MD, RO, ED, DD)

Membrane Contactor Development

Design, Construction, Field Testing and Monitoring of Membrane Systems


Membrane Technology
© PSE, Photo by Jul.s Pic.s
Membrane Technology; Water Droplets on highly hydrophobic membrane for membrane distillation.

With a growing demand for membranes in fluid treatment and material separation options, companies across the globe have begun investing resources in membrane R&D. With the market flooded with newly developed membranes, our group at Fraunhofer ISE is testing, classifying and consulting for supply companies, focusing e.g. on the membrane robustness, costs and usage. With close to a decade of experience with membranes in fluid treatment, we are pursuing projects involving membrane development and construction of membrane module systems.

Beginning from simulation and material testing, all the way to design and construction of full-scale demonstration modules, our team has attained wide expertise and a strong knowledge-base to offer consultancy for companies. We are happy to test your own membrane processes and develop them further with you.