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Aquaculture photovoltaics

Aquaculture photovoltaic modules enable an increase not only in land-use rates but also in aquaculture quality and yields.

Agrivoltaics describes a method for the simultaneous use of agricultural land for food production and PV power generation. The technology enables an efficient dual use of agricultural land: photovoltaics on open land can be substantially expanded without using valuable resources on fertile arable land. The yields from PV and photosynthesis are optimized through targeted light management. In addition, value creation in the region and rural development are promoted, as agrivoltaic projects are predestined to be managed decentrally by farmers, communities and small and medium-sized enterprises. For agriculture, new economically viable farming options will result.

In industrial and research projects we are working on the implementation and further development of agrivoltaic technology.


Research plant in Germany, Heggelbach

Purpose of the project  "Agrivoltaic Resource-Efficient Land Use" was the technical optimisation for a maximum yield of PV and crops.


Pilot plants in Chile

Together with Fraunhofer Chile, Fraunhofer ISE tested three different 13 kWp agrivoltaic systems. Investigations were carried out to determine which plants benefit from less radiation exposure due to the PV array.


News - May 21, 2021

2nd International AgriVoltaics Conference Takes Place From June 14th to 16th

Agrivoltaics combines the agricultural use of land with the generation of electrical energy by photovoltaics. It provides the chance to establish solutions for the dual production of food crops and electricity under consideration of soil protection and water savings. The 2nd International AgriVoltaics conference is the first international conference dedicated to this technology. 

Link to the conference page:


Press Release - February 22, 2021

Dual Yield on Arable Land: Guideline for Agrivoltaics Published

Agrivoltaics enables the dual use of arable land: Photovoltaic modules, which are mounted on a structure, generate renewable electricity and underneath agricultural crops grow. The approach increases land efficiency and could mitigate conflicts over the use of arable land in the future. 

Selected Reaearch Projects



Agrivoltaics for Mali and The Gambia: Sustainable Electricity Production by Integrated Food, Energy and Water Systems


APV Obstbau (Orcharding)

Agrivoltaics as Resilience Concept for Adaptation to Climate Change in Orcharding



Smart technologies to improve quality and safety of Mediterranean agriculture


Guideline Agrivoltaics: Opportunities for Agriculture and the Energy Transition

Flyer: Dual Use of Land with Agrivoltaics