Integrated Photovoltaics – Areas for the Energy Transformation

Integrating PV technology into building envelopes, vehicles and roads, as well as over agricultural fields and floating on water surfaces, capitalizes on surface areas with a tremendous potential for generating solar power.

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Agrivoltaics: Power and Food

Photovoltaics on open land can be substantially expanded without using valuable resources of fertile arable land.

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PV for Mobility

Yield assessment, PV module and system development for the transport sector

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Double use of valuable farmland

The yields from PV and photosynthesis are optimized through targeted light management.

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Floating PV (FPV)

Illustration of a floating PV system on a stagnant water.

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Road-Integrated PV (RIPV)

Photovoltaics in traffic routes can be directly in roads, footpaths and squares, but also in the rail bed or in noise barriers. A roofing of traffic routes with photovoltaics is also conceivable.

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Shrimp-Photovoltaik-Tunnel in Bac Lieu, 1 MWp

Aquaculture photovoltaics
(Aqua PV)

Illustration of a planned Aqua-PV research facility in Vietnam for dual land use for aquaculture and power generation.

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Integrated Photovoltaics


Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Building physics modeling, development and evaluation of building-integrated PV modules

Road-Integrated Photovoltaics

Road-integrated photovoltaics include the embedding of solar modules in and on traffic roads.

Urban Photovoltaics

Urban Photovoltaics (UPV) uses sealed areas in cities and municipalities to generate renewable electricity and to make the places visually appealing.

Vehicle-Integrated Photovoltaics

Yield assessment, module and system development for the transport sector 


Technical optimization and quality assurance of agrivoltaic systems for maximum yields of PV energy and crop.

Floating Photovoltaics

Floating solar modules on water surfaces have great potential.

Integrated photovoltaics blends into the outer surface of buildings, roadways, railways and vehicles, such that the solar cells are often no longer visible from outside. Integrated photovoltaics uses land areas jointly with agriculture or floats on the surface of pit lakes created by flooding former open-cut mines.  New types of technology and design options allow free choice of formats and colours for integrated modules, such that their connection circuits and cell architecture can be completely covered if necessary.  Specific requirements arising from the application, for example minimised weight per area or extremely high mechanical resistance, can be met by the choice of suitable materials.


Press Release - 9.09.2019

Fraunhofer ISE Presents Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions

Meeting Germany’s climate protection targets will require a significant expansion of photovoltaics. Depending on the scenario, up to 500 gigawatts of installed PV power output could be needed by 2050. To avoid land-use conflicts and public resistance to this massive expansion, minimizing the additional space ...


Press Release - April 12, 2019

Agrophotovoltaics: High Harvesting Yield in Hot Summer of 2018

Over the past two years, the dual use of land for the harvesting of solar electricity and agriculture has been tested in the joint project “Agrophotovoltaics – Resource Efficient Land Use (APV-RESOLA).”


Press Release - 02.09.2019

Fraunhofer ISE Presents Colored Solar Car Roof at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

To extend the driving range of electric vehicles, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has developed a solar car roof with highly efficient solar cells.

Selected Research Projects



Development of Wall-integrated PV Elements for Noise Protection



Solar Potentials of German Traffic Routes



Solar-Aquaculture Habitats as Resource-Efficient and Integrated Multilayer Production Systems

Download Flyers: Integrated PV

Flyer: Integrated PV

Flyer: Solar Power from the Car Roof

Flyer: Dual Use of Land with Agrivoltaics

Flyer: Floating Solar Power Plants

Flyer: Solar Energy from Traffic Infrastructure

Flyer: Solar Roofing Modules Replace Roof Tiles

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