Research Projects from the Annual Report

  • PeroTec Efficiency Phase 1

    Development of process technology for highly efficient long-term stable perovskite solar cells using the PeroTecTM process.

    Portalroboter zur Automatisierung von präzisen Herstellungsschritten für Perowskitsolarmodule am Fraunhofer ISE
    © Fraunhofer ISE

    Gantry robot for automation of precise manufacturing steps for perovskite solar modules at Fraunhofer ISE.

    Project in the Business Area: Perovskite and Organic Photovoltaics; Topic: Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules; Duration: 05/2022 - 04/2024

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  • AIIR-Power

    AI-assisted design and fabrication of photonic infrared power converters for energy and telecommunication

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    Photonics and optoelectronics are key technologies for the digitalization. The design of corresponding semiconductor devices as well as the modeling of epitaxial processes can still benefit significantly from artificial intelligence (AI) methods in the context of Industry 4.0. Ubiquitous digitization and automation, as well as the Internet of Things, require constant energy and data streams. The emerging technology of photonic power transmission, also known as power-by-light enables power and data transmission to be combined in a single optical link. By using optical telecommunication wavelengths around 1.5 µm, the applications of such power-by-light systems can be extended to remote locations, enabling unlimited remote power supply. AI-assisted approaches to photonic power converter (PPC) design and fabrication are critical for further cross-industry application of photonic power and data transmission. | Duration: 04/2021 - 03/2024

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  • © BetterBat

    The "BetterBat" project addresses the interface between battery technology and its potential use in an application. "BetterBat" thus explicitly focuses on the user side and its systemic application-specific requirements, enabling target-oriented research and development, shortening the time-to-market accordingly and reducing the risk of failing to meet market requirements. "BetterBat" is intended to provide answers to the following questions, for example: For which applications can battery-electric solutions be considered today or in the future? Which battery technology is suitable for which application? What are the strengths and weaknesses and where might further research or funding be required? The work packages required to answer these questions are shown schematically in the figure below. | Duration: 03/2021 - 02/2024

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  • © Fraunhofer ISE

    Outdoor test-setup at Fraunhofer ISE for characterization of concentrator modules from AZUR SPACE. The IV data together with ambient conditions like temperature, intensity and spectral composition of the solar radiation is recorded.

    Project in the Business Area: Photovoltaic, Topic: III-V and Concentrator Photovoltaics, Research Topic: High-Concentration Systems (HCPV) Duration: 02/2021 - 01/2024

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