Press Releases 2020

  • Press Release #31 / 2020

    Ensuring Medical Care in Crises and Emergencies

    December 11, 2020

    The complete Demo-medVer design
    © Fraunhofer IFF

    Fraunhofer is developing a mobile medical care system. Mobile, distributed systems that provide medical care to the public can be a crucial addition to the existing healthcare infrastructure in crises and emergencies such as the current Corona pandemic. Six of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s institutes have joined forces under the lead management of the Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg and are developing an integrated system for mobile, distributed medical care in the Demo-medVer project. What makes it special is that all of the complete system’s components are modularized, are closely interconnected, and complement each other. A functional prototype is intended to be built by the end of next year.

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