Solar module with wire-connected crystalline silicon solar cells

This cell connection technology reduces silver consumption, electrical resistance losses and optical reflectance losses.

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Solar module for building integration

The concept of the mosaic module allows an aesthetic and individual design of photovoltaic building façades.

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Flasher of CalLab PV Modules

For PV module manufacturers and power plant investors, it is crucial to know precisely the performance of their modules. The measurement accuracy for precision measurements stands at unprecedented 1.6%.

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Quality assurance for PV modules and power plants

For PV power plants of all sizes, we offer individual, continuous quality assurance. The picture shows a 150 MW PV power plant in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

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Life-cycle analysis of modules: Decisive for the profitability of a PV power plant

With non-destructive analysis using Raman spectroscopy, we can draw conclusions about degradation and durability of modules and components.

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Thermography of a PV power plant

Thermography recording to detect modules with hot-spot effects.

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Facility for calibration of photovoltaic modules

Recently developed solar simulator and light-soaking units are used to prepare modules optimally for the calibration process at the accredited laboratory “CalLab PV Modules” at Fraunhofer ISE.

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Hot spot defect in a solar module

Overheated area of a solar cell caused by cell defects. The cause and extent of module damage can be analyzed and evaluated at Fraunhofer ISE.

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Photovoltaic Modules and Power Plants

Fields of work within the research topic Photovoltaic Modules and Power Plants


Module Technology

Development of interconnection and encapsulation technology, improvement of PV module efficiency, integrated modules for special applications


Module Characterization

Precise calibration of modules in our accredited laboratory CalLab PV Modules, comprehensive characterization of PV modules


Service Life and Failure Analysis

Detection of damage mechanisms in PV modules, quality and reliability tests according to international standards or to customized procedures


Photovoltaic Power Plants

Performance optimization and quality assurance from planning to the ongoing operation of a PV system


Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Building physics modeling, development and evaluation of building-integrated PV modules


Forecasting of Solar Irradiance and Power

Development of forecast models for the reliable prediction in different time and spacial scales

Fraunhofer ISE supports product development towards optimal efficiency, reduced cost, enhanced reliability and specialized applications such as building integration.

The Photovoltaic Module Technology Center (ModuleTEC) offers a wide range of processing and analytical plattforms for mounting and connection technology.  In our facilities we characterize PV modules using the highest level of precision. Lifetime and degradation of the module components are investigated under different climate conditions. Comprehensive module tests complete our portfolio package. Accredited since 2006, out testing facility TestLab PV Modules offers a full range of testing services. In addition, we offer customized tests using our advanced test equipment, partly developed in-house.

Within the five categories of our Quality Circle, we offer quality assurance services for PV power plants from the planning phase through to continuous operation:

  1.   Development
  2.   Engineering
  3.   Procurement
  4.   Commissioning
  5.   Operation

With its Quality Circle, Fraunhofer ISE can help customers establish the necessary requirements leading to economic viability, and thus bankability, for their PV power plant. Our accredited calibration laboratory, CalLab PV Modules, with its measurement uncertainty of only 1.6% for crystalline modules, is one of the leading calibration laboratories worldwide.

In addition to our research and development on photovoltaic modules and power plants, we offer our customers module characterization and testing in the following accredited laboratories:

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View inside the ModuleTEC with the X-ray unit and the tabber-stringer for fully automatic cell connection.

  • ModuleTEC
    The new Module Technology Center (ModuleTEC) offers widespread possibilities for developing photovoltaic module technologies. It closes the gap between laboratory development and industrial production by allowing the processing of significant quantities and formats.

Use the opportunity to meet with photovoltaic modules and power plants experts from Fraunhofer ISE at the following trade fairs and conferences:

32. Symposium Photovoltaische Solarenergie

08.03.2017 - 10.03.2017
Bad Staffelstein, Kloster Banz

Solarex Istanbul

06. - 08.04 2017
Istanbul | Turkey

SNEC 2017

19. - 21.04.2017
Shanghai | China

Intersolar Europe

31.05. - 02.06.2017

Munich, Messe Munich