Receiver for low-concentrating PV
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Receiver for low-concentrating PV (10x).

Receiver for low-concentrating CPV systems

Low-Concentration Systems (LCPV)

R&D Services

Our R&D services comprise:

Solar cell development

Concentrator optics development

Receiver development

Characterization and analysis

Concentrating sunlight provides a neat way of reducing photovoltaic power generation costs. Lenses are used to focus the photons onto a small semiconductor surface where they are converted into electrical energy. The semiconductor area required, which is comparatively expensive, is thus reduced by a factor of 2 to 1000.

Low-concentration systems cover the concentration range from factor 2 to 30, and medium concentration systems from factor 30 to 100. Silicon solar cells are used in these concentration ranges. We have experience of the entire value chain. We develop and evaluate all important components in concentrator systems, such as solar cells, receivers, and lenses, and we assess systems as a whole. Suitability for industrial applications and long-term stability are always our top priorities. We therefore develop production processes and optimize both material usage and design.



Within the field of high concentration PV systems we develop concentrator modules and systems, and offer:

  • Integration and testing of innovative new cells in concentrator modules
  • Experimental investigation of new concepts and components (e.g. secondary optics) for CPV
  • Design optimization and analysis using finite element methods (FEM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Pilot and short production runs with automated manufacturing technology (e.g. pick & place; bonded, adhesive and soldered joints)
  • Reliability and long-term stability testing
  • Lab and field measurements



Selected Research Projects


Receiver and Systems for Low-Concentrating PV (LCPV)



Concentrator Project