Solar Cell Characterization

Spectral response measurement
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Spectral response measurement of a multi-junction solar cell with the grating monochromator set-up. In addition to the green light for measurement, blue bias light can be seen, which is used to bring the sub-cell being measured into the current-limited mode.
Space solar cell during measurement
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Space solar cell during measurement of the calibrated current-voltage characteristic with the multi-source solar simulator.
Wafers with multi-junction solar cells based on III-V semiconductors
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Wafers with multi-junction solar cells based on III-V semiconductors: These highest-performance solar cells, which have been used for many years in satellite power supplies, have now been introduced successfully to terrestrial applications by the combination with concentrator technology.

Precisely determining the output data of photovoltaic components is a key task both in research and development as well as production. The CalLab PV Cells provides accurate measurements of all solar cell types in line with international standards.

We are also able to draw on many years of experience in the characterization of III-V multi-junction solar cells, and have a range of different test facilities.

Spectral response of multi-junction photovoltaic cells

Measuring the spectral response or external quantum efficiency of multi-junction solar cells is carried out on our grating monochromator test stand, which has been upgraded specifically for measuring multi-junction photovoltaic cells. The addition of versatile bias illumination techniques makes it possible to determine the spectral response of solar cells with up to six sub-cells.

Calibrated I-V curve measurement

We measure the current-voltage characteristics of multi-junction solar cells under standard test conditions (e.g. AM0 for space and AM1.5D for concentrator applications) using our adjustable triple source solar simulator. This simulator enables us to set an infinite variety of spectral conditions. We use spectrometric characterization to quantify how multi-junction solar cells behave when the incident spectrum is altered.

In addition, we are developing a new solar simulator comprising six independent light sources to provide calibrated measurements of solar cells with up to six p-n junctions.
We also have a pulsed solar simulator for measuring concentrator solar cells. This allows us to determine the I-V curve of concentrator solar cells under varying concentrations of light (up to concentration factors of over 5000).


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