Concentrator Optics

R&D Services

Our wide-ranging expertise allows us to support customers wishing to use and optimize concentrator optics in the most varied applications. Our services range from fundamental investigations into optics and material properties through design and simulation of concentrators, to optical characterization using various set-ups of measuring instruments.

Investigations into soiling and degradation

Optical characterization and qualification

Design and optimization of concentrator optics



Concentrator optics concentrate incident radiation onto thermal or photovoltaic receivers. We investigate and develop single stage and multistage concentrator designs based on reflective (e.g. parabolic mirrors, heliostats) or refractive optics (e.g. Fresnel lenses or dielectric secondary concentrators) for linear or spot focusing systems in low, medium and high concentration applications.

Applications are concentrating collectors for solar thermal power plants (CSP) and optical systems for concentrator photovoltaics (CPV). Further information can be found in our Center for Optics and Surface Science and in the Research Topic III-V and Concentrator Photovoltaics.



Selected Research Projects



Highly efficient concentrator module with GaSb-based four-junction solar cell


Receiver and Systems for Low-Concentrating PV (LCPV)


Very Low Angle Beam Spread in PMMA after up to 27 Years as Concentrator Lens in the Sun


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