Concentrator Assemblies

R&D Services

Our R&D services comprise:

Integrating and Connecting Different Cell Concepts

Customized Assembly Designs

  • Substrate design (e.g. conductive path, substrate materials, submount, thermal management)
  • Electrical contacting (bonding, welding and soldering processes)

Reliability and Long-Term Stability Testing

Concentrator photovoltaics employs cheap optics to focus sunlight onto small solar cell surfaces, with different systems distinguished by their solar concentration factor. Our work primarily focuses on low and medium concentration (>1 - 50x) and high concentration (300 - 1000x) systems.

The solar cell assembly, comprising a substrate, solar cell and electrical contacts, is a key component in concentrator photovoltaic (CPV), power-by-light or thermophotovoltaic (TPV) systems. Different system designs utilize different solar cell assembly structures, and we produce such assemblies with active and passive cooling systems in various sizes.

High concentration systems employ III-V multi-junction solar cells, and the development of such systems at Fraunhofer ISE is based at the Concentrator Technology Evaluation Center (Con-TEC).

Modified silicon or thin-film solar cells are used in low concentration modules. We develop these in our PV Module Technology Evaluation Center (Module-TEC) and at Con-TEC, thus combining expertise in silicon flat-plate module technology and high concentration photovoltaics.

Research at Con-TEC and the Module-TEC primarily focuses on optimizing design, manufacturing processes and CPV module reliability. Our expertise in the field of thermal, optical and electrical simulation is shared with our clients, and we optimize and develop both manufacturing processes and innovative systems.

A variety of experimental methods are available for characterizing CPV components.

Selcted Research Projects



Development of a Highly Concentrating CPV Module Based on Modern Micro-Production Technology


CPV-T System

CPV-T system combined with desalination systems




Highly efficient concentrator module with GaSb-based four-junction solar cell



CPV Module in Modular Design; Subproject: Module Design and Module Performance


Current publications - Concentrator Assemblies:

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Conference Paper
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