Development of systems and relevant control algorithms

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When working with our clients, we offer tailored support for the targeted development of solar thermal systems. This is where our knowledge in systems technology comes in.

We use a large number of simulation programs to investigate systems technology, which allows us to physically model the stationary and dynamic behavior of the systems, and simulate even complex systems in the lab. Depending on your needs, we employ both widely used programs and bespoke developments to solve detailed scientific questions. This allows us to tailor our solutions to our clients’ development tasks.

In addition to the efficient connection of individual hydraulic components, our work focuses on optimizing operation with the help of sophisticated control algorithms. Our test benches and on-site monitoring help us to continually validate our simulation models. To optimize controls in the laboratory, for example, we use methods such as hardware-in-the-loop simulation, which connects the real control unit to a virtual installation. In this way, we develop, optimize and test control algorithms in the lab, considerably reducing the need for expensive field testing.