Coating of absorbers and reflectors

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Coating development to prototype production

We develop coatings for reflectors, absorbers and transparent insulation elements as well as optically switchable applications. Our customized coatings not only boast optical features but also meet additional important requirements such as long-term stability in outdoor applications or production scalability.

Our coating development services are complemented by the provision of support with the system integration of functional layers, e.g. in modules or façades.

A range of vapor deposition and sputtering machines equipped with the latest coating technology is available in our laboratories. Depending on your requirements, we use glass panes, polymer films, metal sheets or tubes as substrates and manufacture short prototype production runs with a substrate area of up to 1.50 x 4 m².

Characterization of coating properties and testing of long-term stability

Suitable analytical processes, such as Fourier transform spectroscopy, tensile stress measurements, SEM and Auger electron spectroscopy, are used to establish electrical, optical, mechanical and chemical coating properties. The stability under elevated operating temperature or various corrosion attacks is evaluated and optimized by means of thermal and chemical testing. Tests on coatings that have been exposed to accelerated aging conditions enable us to draw conclusions on the long-term stability of the coatings.