Low Temperature Solar Thermal

In the research topic Low Temperature Solar Thermal, our work focuses on the following fields of work:

Development of innovative components

Simulation, monitoring and optimization of systems

Standardization, certification and characterization

Development of systems and relevant control algorithms

Coating of absorbers and reflectors

Function and Service Life Testing

Solar Thermal Façades

Manufacturing processes for solar thermal technology

We investigate low-temperature solar thermal systems and components with heat carriers such as water or air as well as heat pipe concepts. The systems support both the treatment of domestic hot water and space heating, whereby efficient integration into the entire heating system is particularly important. Intelligent control algorithms play just as an important role here as components whose hydraulic properties are optimized for relevant system integration. Furthermore, optics for guiding and concentrating radiation and the modification of optical material properties by surface technology are processed. Combined photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) collectors allow the simultaneous generation of electricity and heat on the same surface. We are working on solutions integrated into facade and roof that offer outstanding architectural possibilities for integrating solar thermal energy into the building envelope and using it multifunctionally. In addition, we deal with new manufacturing processes, materials and the final installation processes for solar thermal energy. New approaches to cost reduction, both methodically and in terms of design optimization, make solar thermal energy even more attractive from a business point of view.

We characterize components in accredited testing labs as a basis for certifications and establish the basis for standardization. Function and service life tests as well as monitoring campaigns in the field are also important components of our quality control.

We have profound expertise in materials science, component design, characterization and testing, theoretical modelling and simulation, plant control and system development. Extensive experience in a wide range of applications completes our profile.

As a complement to our research and development work in the research topic Solar Thermal Heating Systems, we offer related testing and certification services to clients.

Selected Research Projects



Neural Networks for the Use in Solar Thermal Systems



Model-Based Analysis of Measurement Data from Solar Active Buildings


SpeedColl 2

Service Life Estimation for Solar-Thermal Collectors and Their Components



Development of Architecturally Well-Integrated Facade Collectors With Heat Pipes