Lab Lighting and DC Appliances

We test, check and certify lamps, lighting systems and charge controllers of all common technology and configurations for manufacturers, system integrators and users. Our laboratory equipment is designed specially to suit the requirements of  photovoltaically powered LED lighting systems. Grid-connected standard lamps and lights can also be measured in our laboratory. The  focus is always on the whole system, i.e. the lamp together with its electronic controls, optical periphery, charge-controlling electronics and electric storage units.


We carry out accurate measurements of photometric quantities for lamps, lights and lighting systems. These include measurement of the luminous flux, the luminous efficacy and the illuminance distribution with the help of goniometric procedures, and investigations of the operating and long-term performance of the lighting technology under different conditions, e.g. changes in the operating voltage and ambient temperature. We also determine the electrical properties of electronic controls, electronic ballasts and charge controllers, including the efficiency, parasitic consumption, operating management performance, overload response and fault management.

Long-Term Tests

For LED light sources and lamps equipped with LEDs, we determine the L70 and L50 lifetimes under various operating conditions. Using an automated test rig, we measure the achievable lighting duration (duration of autonomy) for battery-powered lamps. Certification According to Different Testing Standards We certify the quality of photovoltaically powered lighting systems according to IEC TS 62257-9-5 and IEC TS 62257-9-6 (Pico PV Systems and Solar Home System Kits). Lab Lighting and DC Appliances is one of currently six testing laboratories around the world which have been accredited by Lighting Global. A special test rig for charge controllers allows them to be characterized up to 80 A and 150 V according to IEC 62509.


Facilities and Services

Software-controlled lighting measurement stand with a photometric integrating sphere of 1.50 m diameter


Software-controlled spectrometer for automated measurement of the light spectral distribution  with a photometric integrating sphere of 1.0 m diameter


Photogoniometer to determine the spatial luminosity distribution


Luminance camera, luxmeters and long-term test stands


Accurate broadband wattmeters, digital oscilloscopes


Programmable, long-term stable power supplies


Automated test rigs to determine autonomous lighting duration


Automated test rigs to characterize electric storage units


Partly automated test rig to characterize e.g. charge controllers