Battery testing

In the climatic chamber, not only efficiency and capacity but also the aging and charging performance of storage batteries can be investigated under variable conditions.

Lab Batteries

In Lab Batteries, we test battery cells, modules and complete battery systems based on lead-acid, NiMH and Li-ion cells, as well as hightemperature batteries and double-layer capacitors. The laboratory with an area of 400 m2 is equipped with battery testing systems and impedance spectrometers for use either according to the test procedures specified by the relevant standards or in a climatic chamber or a water bath according to clients’ specifications. We prepare electrical and thermal battery models, validated with data from our laboratory, which serve as the basis for system simulation and integration.

We offer long-term tests, lasting several months, of batteries and battery systems for durability investigations and lifetime analyzes. The cells and systems can be subjected to accelerated aging under exactly specified conditions. Our aging models enable the lifetime in a real application to be predicted.

A precision calorimeter is available for highly accurate investigations of the thermal behaviour of battery cells. Among other  possibilities, this allows the power loss occurring in the cell to be analyzed exactly and thus serves as a basis for developing optimal thermal management and optimizing the system dimensioning.

For the automotive sector, we test systems up to a power of 250 kW with currents up to 600 A and voltages up to 1000 V. The test systems can be controlled via a CAN bus.

Many different home energy storage systems for private customers and large battery storage banks for commercial and industrial applications are currently entering the market. We test stationary electric storage systems in realistic environments for both grid-connected and off-grid applications, making use of solar simulators and our selection of inverters, electronic ballasts and charge controllers.


Facilities and Services

Cell and system tests


Long-term investigations


Thermal investigations (calorimetry)


System tests up to 250 kW


Test rigs for home storage systems