System Analysis and Optimization

heat pump system
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Completely installed heat pump system in a field test to determine efficiency coefficients continuously and to analyse the system behaviour.

The efficiency of a heat pump system does not just depend on the quality of the heat pump itself. The application (building, location and use) and the design, construction and control of the system components and the overall system are equally important to ensure efficient, cost-optimized and durable operation. For this reason, we look not just at the integration of heat pumps or other heat generators, but also at storage systems, use of resources and heat distribution (heating, cooling and drinking water heating). In this context, thermohydraulic issues are just as significant as the integration of the heat pump into the electrical supply and building network.

The criteria listed here open up a complex array of development requirements, which we define and address together with our clients and partners to meet specific applications. We prepare concept studies to assess potential and make preliminary selections, as well as simulation studies for system design, system optimization and operational management. To develop optimized control strategies, we use not just conventional methods but also predictive, learning approaches. Hardware-in-the-loop measurements support the assessment and optimization of system designs and operating strategies.

Scientific analyses of metrological tests in the field also give us the opportunity to investigate the effects of installation, commissioning, operation and user behavior. The operating conditions and energy efficiency of the individual system components are analyzed as a basis for deriving possibilities for optimizing the examined operation and system as well as
for further applications.